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Posted on Mar 24th 2008 at 10:52:18 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Cynical Gamer, Feature, Nintendo

Nintendo! What the hell is wrong with you? Words can describe how frustrated you make me. It's times like today where I wish that you went the way of Sega. You know how to print money for yourself, but in terms of catering to everyone, you've failed. I remember how you said that you wanted to cater to everyone, but now it's obvious that was a crock of shit. Kudos to you Nintendo, we love the shovelware that you promote.

Get this Nintendo - a large population of Wii owners are actually above the age of 18! We're sick of the "Protect the Kids Bullshit!" Microsoft does a great job protecting the kids while at the same time providing the best online experience of any console. You, on the other hand, are so preoccupied with "protecting the kids" that you neglect the potential sales and desires of your older owners. It pisses us off, and we hate it.

I don't want Carnival Games. I want more games like No More Heroes. I don't want Smash Bros with Friend Codes. I want Smash Bros with Live. I don't want the PS2 version of Rock Band; I want the full fledged version that the 360 and PS3 has. Perhaps you don't realize it Nintendo, but what you're doing now is pissing people like me off because your policies promote developers to port CRAP! I'm sick of this crap, and I am getting rather sick of you.

So Nintendo, what's your deal? Do you really wish to have the entire market, or do you wish to pawn the true gamers off on some other console maker who cares about us? It seems as though you're too preoccupied with promoting kid's games, shovelware, and games for grannies that you've totally forgotten about us. That's cool. Soon enough, we'll forget about you, too.

I'm starting to see why people's Wiis are collecting dust. With the way you're acting, Nintendo, mine will be as well. I'm really starting to hate what you've become, and I know I am not alone. You're not the Nintendo I used to love. You're the Nintendo who only cares about pushing sales at the expense of your old loyal populous. Such things make us jaded, you know. Spiteful, hateful. Sony consumers. Microsoft consumers.

You keep doing what you're doing Nintendo. Grow your market share, do what you want, but keep in mind what you're doing in the process. You're neglecting people like me, and we just can't sit here watching you defecate over your old, loyal fan base. The time of die hard Nintendo fans is waning, and in the process, you're losing some of your most vocal advertisers, us.

Great job Nintendo, great job.

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The only time my Wii has been on over the last couple of months was to update and get that annoying blue light to stop glowing. I was going to pop in GHIII this past weekend, but since they f'd up and released a sub-standard version of the game I've been without that for a couple weeks while I wait for them to replace my disc...
Couldn't agree with this more, on pretty much every point. Sure, they may be selling oodles of the Wii system itself, but how are the games selling? Not the first-party titles of course, everyone knows those will sell, but what about third-party? I can't imagine the attach rate is very high at all. Yeah, the casual market may be still drooling over the Wii at the moment, but whose disposable income is going to go to games consistently, casual or "hardcore" gamers? Just look at the Xbox 360. I love it's title selection, but the hardware itself has caused me nothing but nightmares, I'm currently on my third system. However, my money pretty much always goes to Xbox 360 games, because my priority is great software, and the Xbox 360 has that in spades. If the Wii's games don't sell, third-party developers will stop making games for it, and eventually the Wii will become the next Gamecube. It's funny, because at the beginning of this generation, I thought Nintendo had learned it's lesson from past mistakes, but apparently not.
I agree about the DLC for GH/RB. And the internet play. They need to get there act together.
I think Nintendo learned that "hardcore" gamers are rarely worth cartering to.  Perhaps Sega told them how well it went with the Dreamcast?  As it is, even if every single member on RFG, DP, GFAQs, and AA were to stop buying any and all Nintendo products, I doubt it would make a dent in their profit.

Who said anything about being catered to? We just want a few games directed at us, rather than an unending flow of shovelware and kid's games. We're not asking that Nintendo cater just to us, but rather they at least acknowledge our existence more than once a year.

That's the way I feel. Clearly we can't expect then to cater exclusively to us - we probably represent, what, 5% of the video-game buying population?
I got GH III, Fire Emblem, Smash Brothers, Trauma Center 2, Dragon Quest, and a slew of other games to try and get in the past year.  Look past the crap and you'll find some good stuff.  There's alot of junk out there that makes shovelware look good but there's also alot of good stuff.
You can only look past the crap if retailers stock the shelves with those types of games. Not every game is guaranteed a dozen copies on a store shelf or guaranteed space at all. When it comes down to it, at the moment it's the easy shovelware/kids games that flood the limited space while those games trying to break the mould of typical Wii software fight for scraps. Mostly that's the retailers fault for choosing them, but they know that's what is selling. Then it starts a pattern as sales numbers come in and publishers start passing on potentially great games because they feel it won't sell to their expectations.

I've always been of the opinion that a system has had a good year when there are more games released that I really want than I could possibly play or buy. If you can't walk into a store and find something you'd like to take home at any time, it's a low period for that system. If your always going from release date to anticipated release date with nothing in between, then they aren't catering to you in any fashion, just stringing you along part time.
I will definitely get Fire Emblem when I get some more money, and I think I'll finally join the Smash Brothers revolution this time around. I haven't read a lot about DQ though... I could end up picking that up too.
I totally agree that the Wii needs more games designed for people old enough to have played the NES when it came out.

Online... I couldn't care less about.
That's the problem.  Retailers.  When I go into a store, I dont want to see just any crap game lining the shelf either.  Thing is, it's true for any system though.  It's not just Nintendo.  It's Sony and Microsoft as well.  When I go into a store it'd be nice if I could pick out more then 3-5 games I consider worth getting at the very least.  Instead, I generaly only find that many when I look at more then one system.  I'm not talking small electronic sections like ones at Sears or such either.  Target's rather bad about it and so is Wal-Mart.

As to a system having a good year, I've always considered it a good one when more of it's top titles make top 10 sales charts.  I may not always like those top 10 games but it shows the system's got lots of life.

I'm not even going to bother with the online aspect.  I'm happy not having to pay 50 a year just to play the game online or pay an aditional amount for a [s]key[/s] download to unlock content I already paid for when I bought the game originaly.  If it means I have to enter a friends code to weed out the ingorant kids who think F bombs are all the rage and talking about how they'd like to become sexualy active with my mom, father, or pets, I'm all for it.
@Fuyukaze:I actually thought Wal-Mart has some decently obscure games. Last time I went they had Valkyrie Profile Lenneth/2, Tales of the World, among other relatively unknown games.
Valkyrie Profile obscure?  Tales of the World obscure?
Oi.  I thought those were common everywheres.  Games like Etrian Oddessy, Persona 3, Disgaea (PSP), and OnTaMaRaMa look kinda obscure around here.  Heck, GS, EB, and GC only carry Persona 3 new around here.
No man, Valkyrie Profile is an extremely rare game. Maybe not Lenneth right now but if it is anything like the original, those two games will easily be fetching around 100 on ebay.
VP Lenneth is a bit hard to find, but VP2 is easy as pie to find. They are everywhere.

Etrian Odyssey and Disgaea (PSP) are both tough finds though....

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