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Posted on Nov 20th 2009 at 11:21:39 PM by (St0rmTK421)
Posted under donations, donation drive, update

Special thanks goes out to everyone who donated in the past couple weeks.  Here's a list of the people who have made donations so far: Aaron, Michael, Jon, Pamela, Terry, Anton, and Brad.  If you're lucky maybe you can match some of them to their usernames. Smiley

So far we have $167 raised.  Big thanks goes to those who have already made a donation.  For those who have not, we could really use your support.  Even a small donation would be greatly appreciated.  You can follow this link to make a donation.  Let's keep RFGen user-supported and ad-free.  Thanks in advance!

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Come on people, it's not hard sell one of your duplicates and donate the proceeds. It'll benefit us all in the long run
Hmmm i am fairly certain i know 6/7 off the top of my head... I should have known everyone... shame on me.
Double shame on me for not donating yet.
Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far. I just got my measly unemployment check so i'm going to have to make a 5$ down payment Wink
Who do you not know?
I will make a bigger donation down the road, but for now anything to help I will do it
I hope people don't mind me giving away their personas but i am fairly certain it is
Aaron - Link
Michael - NES (assuming there are no other Mikes on the forum...)
Jon -
Pamela - archetype (99% sure)
Terry - MG
Anton - ga5
and Brad- spoon(?)

In either case i'm not sure of one person if said person corrects me...
In either case i know you donated spoon and people living in the US tend to spell their name as John so i could be wrong on your name too...

Also with the drop in the bucket from Terzi(myself since i know there are other Anthony's on the forum) we should be up to 172. Smiley
I didn't finish editing my post before making it so yea i know it looks like i am a retard.
Threw a little bit at ya. After X-mas I should be good for some more though.
Yep.  Brad
I just donated what I could. If i have any extra money after my next check I'll donate again.
@Izret101: Actually, its a different Michael. I rarely ever use the name Michael, and I haven't donated recently anyway. I plan to once school is over for the semester and I have time to sell off some things.
I made the donation under Michael; however, Michael is my middle name.  Daniel is my first Smiley
Haven't been active on the site recently, but here is a donation anyway, with help from President Jackson. I am about to leave for USAF Basic Training, so I definitely will not be online in a while, but I want my collection to be here when I come back! Also, I've been busy lately helping friends to organize a small gaming convention (including, of course, retro games) up here in Anchorage, AK, since we really don't have anything of the kind and was really wanting to do a blog about it, but I barely can find the time. Plus having to do webmaster/admin duties for a local anime convention (Senshi-Con)...

Anyway, long live the RFG. Great database; I see more and more box images popping up, especially for obscure old titles (I like it when I look up a game and it has pictures to go with it). And, of course, the collection tracking software.
My donation is from Nikita, because that is my name.

Also, this site reminds me of how socialism / communism works. Great job, comrades! Smiley

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