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Posted on Oct 14th 2010 at 03:13:50 AM by (St0rmTK421)
Posted under donations, donation drive, site finance, funds

A big thank you goes out to the following members who recently donated: James, Jesse, Hans, Holt, Brian, Maxime, David, Michael, and Richard

We currently have $162 in the account so we're still in need of additional donors to step up and help the cause.  Again, 100% of donations go towards offsetting the server costs of running the site.  It's the gracious help of our many donors and volunteers that keeps the RFGen community going strong.  We really appreciate those who have supported the site and the staff and members of RFGen send you our heartfelt thanks. 

To those who haven't donated, we are still trying to raise enough money to cover the site costs and every little bit helps.  Any amount you can afford to donate would be greatly appreciated.

PS: If you've donated and aren't a member of the donor group in the forums, remember to send me a PM so I can get you added.

You can follow this link to make a donation.

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Wish I could donate more but hope it helps as money is really tight since moving into the new place.
Add the donate link or at least a link back to the original post!
Donation link here:
Thanks for the reminder about this. I saw the original post but I was between paychecks, this time the timing was perfect.
Whoops, forgot all about the donation link.  It's been added Smiley
Thanks. Now if only my Paypal login would work...

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