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Posted on Sep 3rd 2011 at 11:21:27 PM by (noiseredux)
Posted under Dreamcast, Sega

A lot of my gaming friends on the interwebs seem to totally adore the Sega Dreamcast. And to an extent, I've always understood why. I mean, it was short-lived, but it was certainly an exciting period in gaming. It was a console that embraced new things like online gameplay and strange accessories. It was also a dream machine for arcade gamers, with 2D fighters, shmups and racing games galore. But more interestingly it was home to some seriously strange experiments. Games like Seaman, Space Channel 5 and Shenmue. But something kept me away for a long time. It was nothing personal against the Dreamcast, I just didn't feel like I needed another console to collect for.

That being said, I've always kept an eye on Dreamcast news. I always found it an interesting and respectable console. And then something weird happened. I found myself with a considerable amount of retro-store game credit, and nothing in particular to spend it on. And then somebody offered to trade me a Dreamcast for an Xbox which I had saved from a yard sale, but let collect dust for several months. I knew this was it. This was time for me to finally bite the bullet and explore the Dreamcast world proper rather than just read about it.

But wait! Let's travel back in time for a second. The year was 2000. I was eighteen years old, just out of high school and living with a roommate. I hadn't really played video games much in the previous three or four years. But he brought with him his Sega Dreamcast. A console I knew little about. You see, I lost interest in Sega right around the time the Saturn hit and I realized my Sega CD launch model (remember how expensive that thing was?) was going the way of the dinosaur. My most recent gaming obsession had been the PlayStation. But I had left that console behind. I had figured games were for kids, and I was an adult now (ha!).

My roommates name was TJ. He and I would go to class during the day, work retail at night, and then come and play Dreamcast until the wee hours of the morning. Those were the days! Hooray for underage drinking and sharing cigarettes indoors. You see, I was a non-gamer so I thought. But he introduced me to this new game called Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. I was sucked back into the world of gaming.

Me and TJ only ended up living together for about a semester. A family emergency had sent him back home. When he moved out I knew I needed to get myself a new console. But I opted for a PlayStation 2. You see, I could get one where I worked for 20% off. And I already owned some PlayStation games. Not to mention it meant I'd now have a DVD player that people were so hyped up about. I suppose I could have considered a Dreamcast of my own, but why would I have? No DVD support; no backwards compatibility for games I already owned; and a controller I was less than fond of. Plus THPS2 was available on PS1. In truth I don't remember us ever touching another Dreamcast game, even though he had a grocery bag full of them.

But over the years I paid close attention to the DC scene. The fact that games continued to surface in Japan through 2007 is amazing to me. And as a huge shmup fan, I'm excited to try all the ones that weren't ported to consoles that I already own. But most importantly I love the large homebrew scene. Not only is it amazing to me that enthusiasts keep pumping out new games, but there's also the fact that I need to cut back a bit on game-buying for a while. Which means that the thought of free, legal, new games to experience is super exciting.

So now I'm ready to explore. My Dreamcast should arrive this week. And using store credit I've also secured an Agetec Arcade stick, an extra controller, several VMU's along with Gunbird 2, Sega Swirl (via the Web Browser 2.0), Daytona USA, Shenmue, Evil Dead: Hail to the King and a PAL boxset online game that came with a microphone. The mic is in anticipation of stumbling upon Seaman at a reasonable price. Top priority for me is also hunting down Typing of the Dead along with a couple of keyboards. I also need a nice stack of CD-R's so I can check out mounds of homebrew I've drooled over for the past couple of years.

But of course, let's open the flood-gates for your suggestions. Many of you that have kept up with my blog know my general taste, so...?

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If I were to recommend only one game for the Dreamcast, and I think it might actually suit your gaming tastes, it would be Bangai-O. I didnt play it until waaaay after it was new (like 2 years ago) and it still blew me away. Its very difficult to decribe in a way that properly explains it. Definitely grab a copy if you get the chance.
Here's the thing... I love Treasure, but I hated Bangai-O Spirits on DS. Is original Bangai-O better?
First, I say a VGA box is a must buy. Hooking the DC up to my LCD via VGA makes for beautiful gaming.

Lots of good games to choose from including Capcom VS SNK, Skies of Arcadia, PSO, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, D2, and Crazy Taxi. Funny that you just have the mic, as I have the reverse problem. I have Seaman with no mic, and have been looking for one of them for a bit.

Enjoy the DC!
Awesome system!
The best version of Hydro Thunder is on the Dreamcast.
Confidential Mission is a good gun game.
I still play Crazy Taxi to this day.
Soul Calibur is one of my favorite fighting games of all time.
The fishing games are great too!

I recently acquired a Dreamcast as well. So far I only have 5 games for it, but there are a good chunk of great games for the system that they've been surprisingly easy to come by given my location.

If I had a bit more money and time I could go to my local retro store and pick up a handful of DC classics such as Power Stone 2, MvC 1&2, Project Justice, Bangai-O, Capcom VS SNK.

Sadly they don't have Seaman, Shenmue, or the Sonic games currently, so I'll either have to get really lucky thrifting, or get them online sometime in the future. I'm still playing through Skies and have Grandia II to trudge through slowly throughout the school year in my little free time, on top of my still growing PS2 collection.

I'm gonna need a bigger boat.
I get all misty eyed even thinking about the water-dripping sound on the boot screen.  Ahh.

There are a ton of great, must have games for the system.  And unlike Sega's last effort, there really isn't anything here that will murder your bank account (until you start on those JPN games, that is).  Duke.Togo is right, you'll want a VGA box.  Also, about a ton of batteries for the VMU, as well as a dedicated memory card (official).  Really, there are just too many games to list.  Specifically to this platform, along with the games already mentioned, there are a number of "strange" games, such as Silver and Omikron (both PC-style games).  Overall, just go nuts.  Also, try to track down the EU version of Shenmue 2 (it has the JPN voices!).

You are going to have sooo much fun.
The Dreamcast is a great system, noise. I wish you had mentioned you were interested in a Dreamcast earlier, as I have 3 systems and quite a few popular Dreamcast games for trade. Let me know if there's anything you are interested in, as I'm trying to clear out my trade items.

As for suggestions, you can always pick up another version of Ikaruga ^.^
Radiant Silvergun, although expensive, is right up your alley.
I always loved the Dreamcast RPGs, most was remade... poorly on other systems, but are worth getting on DC.  ( aka Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, Grandia II,Skies of Arcadia and Record of Lodoss War ) Also the Rush 2049 was awesome Smiley plus I have doubles of most
You need cannon spike, christ knows how many hours I've spend blasting away on it. Ecco is worth checking out too. Also If  you feel like having a cheesetastic moment, blue stinger is pretty fun
@douglie007: Agree with you on the RPGS

But my favorite game/games on Dreamcast were Powerstone 1 & 2. Awesome fighting games.
I remember getting my first DC, I traded in my PSX and all my games and got it for really cheap back before there was a PS2.

I salvaged the following from an early website I created using my Dreamcast to make, turns out I was a bit of a critic regarding my games (games appear in order of purchase and are rated out of 5 stars).

Soul Calibur

Sonic Adventure

Resident Evil
:Code Veronica


Psychic Force

Dead or Alive 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Street Fighter
Double Impact

Street Fighter
Alpha 3

The House of the Dead 2

Time Stalkers

Blue Stinger


Quake III Areana

Phantasy Star Online
Do you still need a DC keyboard?  I have an extra I'd be willing to trade for something (no idea what).

Phantasy Star Online rated 5/5 stars? At least you don't go around dressed as your PSO character...
OatBob, I didn't do it! Honest! Don't murder me in my sleep!
Dude the DC is still my favorite system since I got my sports edition back in 2000. We use to play Quake 3:Arena in my driveway (on the tailgate of my truck) until the sun came up 6 nights a week. Among the games already mentioned I suggest...
Skies of Arcadia (great RPG overall)
Metropolis Street Racer (the start of the Project Gotham Series)
Test Drive Lemans (along with Quake 3 if you want a good DC vs. early PS2 comparison the DC version is always better)
not to mention the ton of querky little known titles the DC is known for
One word of advice though, buy a 2nd DC when you get the chance, because now that the system is over 10 years old, the lasers/drive motors,fans etc. are starting to show they're age.
I absolutely LOVE Sega Dreamcast, so much so that it is the only console I have two of (original white, and Sega Sports Black). 
@Gamer4Lyfe: I've always wanted a Sega Sports console myself. Not that I *need* a 2nd DC, but it is such a good looking console!

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