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Posted on Jul 14th 2008 at 08:21:51 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under E3 2008, Microsoft, Sony, Square, Final Fantasy XIII, OH NOOOO!

Yup. You read it correctly.

Source: 1up.com

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Oh it's still gonna be on PS3 as well. 360 doesn't have the capacity to make a game like that shine as bright as it could. I bet 6 months to 1 year it'll be on PS3.
I dont think anyone has the capacity to make FFXIII shine as bright as it could.  Probly why every system is getting some form of FFXIII on them.  Even the handhelds will be getting some kind of spin off.  I'm betting Sony fanboys are gnashing their teeth as we speak.
Hopefully the cutscenes won't be so annoyingly long. Tongue

I started playing one of them, FFX I think, and got bored  because I couldn't get past the cutscenes.
Well, that's actually good news. After all, I've never been too keen on the PlayStation 3 to begin with, considering its WEAK software lineup - in fact, Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 (and perhaps Final Fantasy Versus XIII) have been the sole reasons for me to even consider buying a PlayStation 3. Even as a video game collector, I do not want to pay so much money for so little software, so Final Fantasy XIII clarifies quite some things for me: for RPG fans such as myself, the Box is the only next gen system to live with right now, seeing the tremendous amount of good or even great RPGs in the pipeline or already on the market (Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XIII and perhaps some future surprises). There are virtually no alternatives on PS3 and Nintendo Wii (with the exception of Symphonia 2...possibly), so at least I know what system to rely on for now.

Strangely enough, I'm kinda beginning to like Microsoft more and more. I used to loathe them during the days of the first box, having considered them to be the evil empire trying to take over the peaceful console market...or something like that. ^^ After all, the PlayStation 2 is quite possibly the best video game system of all time when it comes to pure software quality and quantity, so who needed a box?
But now, I am beginning to lose faith in Nintendo and Sony (in the home console market at least...I have no complaints about either the DS or the PSP) due to an awful Wii lineup (how can you win the market with so many disgustingly bad games?) and Sony's questionable system price and technical issues (i.e. backwards compatibility problems...after all, there still are so many awesome games coming out on PS2, so this issue can become quite a problem for those with no PS2 system). And so far, their policies regarding RPGs have been exceptional toward European gamers: we got BD and LO at the same time as American gamers, complete with full translation of both text and voices, and the upcoming RPGs will likely receive the same treatment. Compare that to Sony (who refused to release Xenosaga Episode I here, but did so with II and skipped part 3 again...) or Nintendo (still refusing to localize Mother 3 despite a considerable fanbase and their demand...that shows how friendly they are toward their fans and customers...).
Hmmm, I'm not sure about Final Fantasy XIII yet, its sad to say but a console Final Fantasy game hasn't held my attention for very long ever since VII and IX.

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