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Posted on Jun 5th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
Posted under E3 2017, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft

Despite discussion regarding its relevance, E3 is still a magical place where the rumors meet the road. The big show is nearly upon us as the game industry gathers in Los Angeles to show off the big titles for the upcoming year. This year looks to be no exception with a slew of expected reveals and hopefully some out of left field. I've written down my E3 2017 expectations and predictions for what I'm most excited about and I would love to hear your predictions.


Whether or not any games are announced, the Ubisoft press conference is always entertaining thanks to Aisha Tyler. It's a foregone conclusion that we will see another Just Dance game and thanks to recent leaks, Assassin's Creed Origins. I'm glad they gave Origins some extra development time and I hope to see it in action soon. A collaboration between Nintendo and the Rabbids franchises has long been rumored and recently leaked screen shots look to confirm this. I hope the gameplay is similar to Mario RPG. With the recent announcement of Far Cry 5, I expect some gameplay footage and an announcement with a Far Cry 3 bundle either as a pre-order bonus or part of the special edition. It's been rumored that Michael Ironside will return as Sam Fischer, so I expect to see another Splinter Cell game.  However, it's also possible that we will see the announcement of another Tom Clancy game.

4. EA

EA has really doubled down on the standard properties that they know will make them money. I expect EA to show the standard sports games, and the usual first person shooters. I hope there will be surprise in there, but with Star Wars Episode VIII releasing this December, it will probably be a Star Wars centric year. I expect Star Wars Battlefront II to headline considering the sales of the last title. I hope that Amy Hennig's & Visceral's new Star Wars game will be shown as I've heard it described as "Star Wars/Uncharted" and I'm still a little sour on Star Wars 1313's cancellation. I expect some information on the new Need for Speed game from Ghost games with a release date in 2017. I also expect to see something from Bioware, but it's likely to be a sequel in the Dragon Age series of games. I hope that EA deviates from the well-worn path and announces some surprises even if they are small, like Unraveled.


I expect Microsoft will show off Project Scorpio and while I'm sure it will be visually impressive, I can't think of any games to go with it. I'm hoping they will have a great first party lineup that will feature something other than the usual suspects. In regards to established franchises, I expect that Halo 6 will be a no show, but that 343 will show a trailer for a new project as the reaction to Halo 5 was underwhelming. An announcement of Forza 7 is  expected and could come out alongside Project Scorpio. It has been years since we've seen anything concrete regarding Crackdown 3, so now seems to be a perfect opportunity to showcase the title. An "Only on Xbox" highlight reel will probably remind us that Sea of Thieves and Cuphead are still coming, but I still don't expect to be playing either anytime soon. It's very possible to see a marketing deal or timed exclusive with a 3rd party studio a la Tomb Raider, or a 3rd party exclusive like Sunset Overdrive.


Sony has been dominating the narrative this console generation and I don't expect that to change this year. With titles such as The Last of Us 2, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Spider-Man, Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo Sport, Sony will have a lot to show. I expect to see an announcement and possible trailer of whatever Sucker Punch has been working on, as it's been a while since Infamous. I also expect an announcement from From Software as they recently bookended the Dark Souls series. It's possible that we will see Bloodborne 2, another Armored Core game or both. While the narrative around the PS4 Pro has been disappointing, I expect to see either a price drop or some other added features to combat Microsoft's Project Scorpio.


Now that the Switch is out, I expect Nintendo to focus on games for it and maybe feature a small montage for 3DS/2DS games. It's already known that the majority of the narrative will revolve around Super Mario Odyssey and I hope that it and some unannounced titles will move the interest needle from buy later to must buy at launch. It's been a while since we've heard from Retro Studios and I've heard rumors that they are working on a new Metroid title. I expect we will hear something regarding Pokemon Stars, but with all the recent job postings, I don't see it arriving this year.

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As we talked about on the Syberia recording (coming soon), last year was the first time that I really paid attention to E3.  After watching all of the pressers, I was so excited about some of the titles that I contacted Shawn and Floyd about doing a sidecast to discuss some of them.  I think we will see what we can do about doing the same thing this year, if we can fit it in.

The best news that I could hear this E3 is a price drop on the PS4. Smiley
I'm sure that whatever MS does will be to show off the raw power of Scorpio.  As I plan on getting my son a PS4 this year, I'd love to see a price drop of their Pro platform, not just their basic (especially if they really want to put a thumb in MS's eye).  Not convinced yet that it will be during E3 or later this year, but who knows.  I've got a couple eBay auctions all ready to go in anticipation.

Regarding Nintendo, I kind of hope they give a nice big push against their rivals in the console arena, as neither MS or Sony have had a reason to pay any attention to Nintendo during the past console cycle.  But I think whatever Nintendo does, they need to do it big.  Small amounts of games in stores and tiny smatterings of Switch console numbers won't make them any money and could end up driving customers into the camps of MS or Sony.  It certainly happened with my son.

Lastly, I'd love to see Nintendo spend some serious time on the New 2DS XL.  I think it looks great, and it should help alleviate the (horrible) rumors that Nintendo has planned to can the 3DS in favor of the Switch.  Oh, and more VC games please.

Is the SNES Classic too much to ask?
I'm really going into this thing without too many expectations this year. I hope to hear some news on the next From Software title, and Crackdown 3, but other than that I hope something will surprise me. A longshot for me would be a teaser from Team Ninja on a Nioh sequel.

Until the Switch can steal the RPG crown from the 3DS platform, I'm really not interested in getting one. If I had a magic wand they would release a non-portable version at a lower price and I'd buy that.
I pay attention to a really odd selection of gaming news so I'm partially out of the loop on what to expect. And I personally find it really hard to buy new games, the last two games to come to this household brand new was Civ VI last year for my wife and Halo 4 which came out in 2012. Normally I wait many months to get games other than some cheap indie Steam titles....

So what I'm hoping to see personally is limited, new PC GPU news and Shadow of War footage. Shadow of War might actually suck me in. The first one was super fun for me and I'm a sucker for LotR stuff.

Second tier things I'd like to hear about is the above mentioned Nintendo news, 2/3DS games, SNES Classic and just generally curious about the Switch lineup.

While I like adding new consoles to my library and the Switch does look pretty fun, Xbox One and PS4 overlap with PC gaming so much that I don't have a lot of interest in them. I think they look fun and all, and they each have a couple exclusives I'd like to have, those two consoles don't interest me much. It would be really nice if Microsoft just straight up allowed you to play Xbox One games on a pc with no hassles.

In a more general sense, I like all the talk that shows like E3 generate for news. It's a fun time and seeing trends emerge and others fall away is fascinating. Is everything going to be open world now? Are games from all over going to have obvious influences from Breath of the Wild? Will we finally get a Jumpman sequel?
I love E3 so much. Very excited as usual and here is what I'm hoping for and expecting from each of the big 5 conferences in the order of least interested to most:

5. EA
They have gone out of the way the last few years to have the most boring conference possible. Even when they have games I'm interested in instead of getting me excited about them they show me the back of a programmer's head and a partially completed character model or some background art on a computer monitor. By the time they bring on the sports star I've never heard of to talk to about the latest FIFA I'm sleeping.

Some cool Star Wars games announcements and more info on the Battlefront II campaign

Another snoozefest for 90% of the time with the focus on games I couldn't care less about

4. Microsoft
It's not a secret that I'm not a big Microsoft fan. They have the least interesting 1st party games of the big 3 by far. My general rule of thumb to want to own a console is it has to have at least 3 exclusive games I'm interested in playing. I jumped the gun and picked up an Xbox One for Sunset Overdrive, ReCore, Scalebound and Phantom Dust...... 2 of those got cancelled so I'm still struggling to find that third game to justify my purchase. Next console I'll be more patient......

They have a cool exclusive to show me. Not a "timed" exclusive or game with "exclusive content", but a game that I genuinely am excited about and can't get anywhere, but on their console. It can be a new IP or they can throw some money behind development of a new game in and franchise or revive and old favorite. I'm not picky. Just want a fun looking game that doesn't have that "bro" vibe to it.

For them to spend far too much time in the conference on hardware again. I don't care about the Scorpio, I care about what I can play on the Scorpio!!

3. Ubisoft
Ubisoft doesn't put out a lot of software that I love, but they do put on an entertaining conference each year. Look forward to having some fun as usual and hope that they close with a surprise (like they always do) that looks fun to me for once.

Solid release date for South Park Fractured But Whole. Hope the Mario X Rabbids game looks better than it initially sounds. Would die for some more info on Beyond Good & Evil 2 even though they already said it wouldn't make an appearance at E3 this year. Maybe the surprise could be Red Steel 3 for the Switch with use of that HD rumble.

To be let down by the Rabbids x Mario game and have to sit through and awkward Just Dance moment. Hope to be entertained while they show me there many shooty-shoots (FarCry, Spliter Cell, Tom Clancy 1, Tom Clancy 2, Tom Clancy 3, etc.) and Extreme Sports.

2. Nintendo
Really not sure what to expect without Iwata around

Someone steps up to be featured in their directs. They guy who did the Switch direct wasn't bad, I could see him take that role. I want to see more Fire Emblem for the Switch and hope to hell it breaks the casualization of the series that the handheld/mobile versions have been suffering from lately. Would also love some more info on the Shin Megami Tensei game they teased previously. I want some assurance that Mario Odyssey is gonna be great. I'm really worried about it since I'm not a fan of the direction Zelda went with Breath of the Wild. Give me at least one big new surprise that I didn't even know I wanted for the Switch. And lastly promise to increase the production of games for the Switch. I hate that I can't go to my stores in town and actually buy a Switch game. They ship 2-3 copies of each title so if you don't pre-order you can't walk in and purchase. It's dumb.

This is the first year that I can remember where I feel like I'm gonna be let down by what Nintendo has to offer. I don't think they are going to have anything for me this year at all and probably not much next year either. 2019 is gonna rock though.....

1. Sony
Sony has had the best conferences the last two years in a row. They've even made it exciting for me to learn about games that I will never play

The continue their trend of securing great exclusives, both 1st and 3rd party. Would love to see Bloodborne II in particular. Also want them to keep building hype by breaking big news before it leaks and reviving old series that people didn't think had a chance of being revived.

Going by the last 2 years I don't see any reason all of my hopes for this one don't come true. Definitely the conference I'm most eager to take in Smiley
@singlebanana: Sony's gone gold! http://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-playstation-4-1tb-console/5880005.p?skuId=5880005

@bombatomba: I don't expect the 3DS/2DS to go anywhere anytime soon. I expect Nintendo to keep them around for users who find the switch's price point too high. Once the Switch starts going down in price I expect the 3Ds/2Ds to be phased out. Here's hoping for a PS4 Pro price reduction.

@Duke.Togo: I'm ready for Bloodborne 2.... or even Bloodborne 1... I need to buy a PS4.

@nupoile: I'm sure Shadow of War will be one of the games there. Jeff Gerstman of Giant Bomb had a chance to play a build not too long ago. He mentioned that there were systems upon systems. So much so that it might be a little confusing.

@Crabmaster2000: Microsoft really needs to show some new games this year. In regard to Sony this grabbed my attention:

Layden says the Japanese publishers are also coming back, listing off recent games like Resident Evil 7, Nioh, Nier: Automata, Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV as examples. "That's super important for us," he says. "I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they're coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we'll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein."

Konami?... Suikoden? or maybe Devil May Cry 5?

Thanks to all the replied! It was fun reading the comments and I'm looking forward to this Saturday.

Here's a chart so you can determine when the pressers are:


Big Sony E3 announcements about Japanese games!!! So hype!!!
It's interesting reading this today after watching the EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda press conferences. I'm super curious to see what the Mario/Rabbids RPG is like. If it's anything like Mario RPG I will be very happy. That's still one of my favorite RPGs of all time and we've never really gotten anything quite like it since.

There wasn't a whole lot at EA that interested me. I'm not really a sports gamer. Battlefront II looks really cool; it makes me wish I liked multi-player games lol. The one thing at EA that really looked neat was Need for Speed: Payback. It looked very Burnout Paradise meets Fast and the Furious, and I'm very ok with that. Those slo-mo crashes were totally Burnout-style takedowns. If the car handling is anything like Burnout I can see myself playing the crap out of the new NFS.

I was so happy to finally see a release date for Cuphead! That game continues to look incredible. Xbox One X was a bit of a letdown of a title, but I can see their thinking, since it abbreviates to XBOX. I'm sue it's neat, but I agree that there's really not an obvious reason to get one yet. 4K TV adoption has been slow and there doesn't seem to be much else that makes it better than the S model. I don't have a 4K TV yet and I have a good gaming PC that will only get better once I put a 1080 in it, so I probably won't be getting an X, especially not at $500. I still haven't bought a PS4 Pro for the same reason.

I'm most excited to see what Sony has up its sleeve. If the Xbox One X had been $400, I could've seen them reducing the price of the PS4 Pro, but with it being $500 there's no reason for a Pro price cut since it's already significantly cheaper. They've been knocking it out of the park with fantastic games lately, though; I'd love to see more of the new God of War and a Bloodborne sequel.

As happy as it would make me to see a proper new Metroid game, 2D or 3D, I've lost hope that Nintendo is going to give us one. I've had to go to games like AM2R and Axiom Verge to get my Metroidvania fix. Those were both excellent, so it's not as big of a deal as it was before the genre started to take off again, but still a little disappointing. I def want to see more Mario Odyssey though. I don't know what else Nintendo could do to get me excited, but I hope they come up with something. I'd love a new F-Zero, but that's not going to happen. The Switch is a great system, it just needs compelling games.

I loved the heck out of Shadow of Mordor so I'm excited about Shadow of War, but I'm a little worried that they're going to go way overboard with the mechanics and systems and it'll just get bloated and confusing.

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