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Posted on Feb 8th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
Posted under EGM, Hidden Gems

Many of us have memories of flipping through the pages of our favorite gaming magazines eagerly digesting every word and picture to find out what was happening in gaming. Publications such as EGM, Nintendo Power, Gamefan, and GamePro gave us reason to frequently check our mailboxes and news stands. Flipping through the pages of these magazines can take us back to the times of our youth, but collecting gaming magazines presents it's own share of issues and takes up valuable space that could be used for games. So what can you do? Many of us have an old tablet lying around, so with a little work, we can turn that old E-reader in to an EGM reader!

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Posted on Jan 14th 2009 at 07:12:40 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Classic Gaming, Podcasts, Drunken Gamers Radio, EGM

I'm sure you've heard the news about EGM being shut down in the whole UGO buying 1UP thing. For those who don't know, EGM's closing marks the end of a 20 year legacy and the passing of one of the biggest influences on gaming journalism (and gaming as a whole).

In honor of EGM's closing, the Drunken Gamers Radio podcast has dedicated this week's episode to reminisce on the glory years of the magazine and their early memories of it. In addition, hosts John, Moe, and Hilden bring in special guests and former EGM employees, "Trickman" Terry Minnich, Ken "Sushi-X" Williams, and Dan Hsu to talk about their time working at the magazine.

Many podcasts have dedicated themselves to the EGM/1UP closing, but DGR has done the best job of any of them. This podcast is highly recommended listening for everyone here since we all have a soft spot in our hearts for classic gaming. Even if you're not familiar with EGM, this podcast should help you realize just how big of an influence EGM had on the gaming world and how huge this closing really is.

You can find the episode on the iTunes Store or on their website at RobotPanic.com.

What are your memories of EGM and/or 1UP? Let us know in the comments.

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