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Posted on Feb 8th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
Posted under EGM, Hidden Gems

Many of us have memories of flipping through the pages of our favorite gaming magazines eagerly digesting every word and picture to find out what was happening in gaming. Publications such as EGM, Nintendo Power, Gamefan, and GamePro gave us reason to frequently check our mailboxes and news stands. Flipping through the pages of these magazines can take us back to the times of our youth, but collecting gaming magazines presents it's own share of issues and takes up valuable space that could be used for games. So what can you do? Many of us have an old tablet lying around, so with a little work, we can turn that old E-reader in to an EGM reader!

Thanks to the collaborative power of the internet, most gaming publications have had their issues scanned and are available online in CBR format. CBR stands for Comic Book Reader and is a format developed for the purpose of sequential viewing of images. Since the CBR format is a standard, you can find all sorts of applications that will read the files no matter what the device is running. All you have to do is find a CBR reader for your device and upload the magazine scans to your device. I am using a Surface RT, since the internal storage is big at 64GB. The dimensions are perfect for reading and it supports flash/USB drives so I can have all of Nintendo Power on one flash drive that I can plug into the device.

With a little bit of work and Googling, you can also have all of your favorite gaming publications of yesteryear at your fingertips.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.  This is a great idea and has really been essential in rediscovering a lot of my gaming past.  I can't count the amount of "aha!" moments I had randomly reading through old gaming magazines I read when I was a kid and forgot about.

I'd also like to point everyone interested in this to Retromags.com.  They've been archiving old gaming magazines for years now and have been the primary force in preserving these old magazines in CBR/CBZ formats as opposed to inferior formats such as PDF.  They are also community driven, so pretty much anyone with time, a scanner, and some attention to detail can contribute.
There are lots of good apps for CBR/CBZ files.  On IOS, I use both SideBooks and iComix.  Also, there are ready scans on Archive.org of Sega Visions, and a bunch of other old game mags in various formats, including even PDF.  Good article!  I did this on my iPad years ago, and it's a great way to relive those days of game magazines during their heyday.
I love Archive.org. It gives me all my computer magazines from my youth and boy do they bring back memories. Zzap! and Commodore Format both have their own websites.
How do I do this with my Nintendo e-Reader? Tongue
Exactly what I was thinking when I read the title.  How does it go from reading Balloon Fight to reading Nintendo Power?

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