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Posted on Sep 29th 2010 at 11:58:44 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Fire N Ice, Unloved, Review, Puzzle, NES, Tecmo

Many of you that are familiar with the NES library may already be well aware of Fire N Ice. Its often talked about for its rarity and value (more so when only licensed games are taken into consideration). But did you also know that its an awesome game too?

Like many NES games the story really plays second fiddle to the gameplay. Something about fire monsters attacking your peaceful ice covered land. The queen chooses you to do something about it because of your great magic skills and intellect. Now on to the good stuff.

The first thing that struck me as great is the option to play any levels you want in any order you want. The exception to this is every area has a fortress, or boss level, after completing the 9 regular levels. I'd recommend starting at the early stages as they teach you some basic tricks that become incredibly helpful later on. But the fantastic thing is that if you do get stuck, which is bound to happen on a puzzle game, your free to select a different level and come back later with a refreshed mind (and possibly a new idea to try!).

The goal of each level is to clear in completely of enemies. Your only ability is to create/remove a block of ice on either your lower right or lower left side. When a block is sitting in the open, and not attached to other blocks or walls, your character can slide it across the room until it hits something. These simple mechanics make the game incredibly enjoyable. Its quite easy to learn right away because of the simplicity (which is a must for puzzle games if you ask me). In the later levels they will add complexity through the level design and not through the gameplay mechanics. Sometimes its simple things such as moving enemies, but can be more complex things like , unbreakable black ice, tubes that transport your character or burners that destroy any ice that touches them.

The game consists of 10 areas, which each have 10 levels (9 regular and 1 fortress, which acts as a challenge type level) and even an epic boss battle at the end.

Your probably much more familiar with the early Tecmo game Solomon's Key, which plays very similar to Fire N Ice. I find Fire N Ice to be far superior, however. Its the same basic idea, but with a great level of refinement to the gameplay and level design.

This game is definitely not as easily found locally as many of the other games I've covered and definitely a bit pricier to order online, but in my opinion, its worth the price of admission.

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I found a copy of this game for $6 at a local flea market and passed it up because the label was starting to peel.

...I came back the next week for it after learning of its rarity, value, and the fact that it's the spiritual successor to Solomon's Key (would never have known looking at the label), and it was gone.

One of these days, I'll get to sit down and play it. I loved Solomon's Key as a kid, so it sounds like I'd enjoy this one just as much.
When I am done school, I am feeling a retro marathon badly needs to happen. Smiley

Yeah its kind of silly to give it a name and label that dont resemble Solomon's Key in the least. That probably had a little to do with the rarity of it.
Love this game! I discovered this game while testing out a stack of games I had gotten recently. Usually, I would play a game for 5 or 10 minutes and then put it back on the shelf, but this one I couldn't put down until I finished it. I still go back to it occasionally when I need a puzzle fix.

I freaking love this game! It brings back many memories of my childhood...as well as memories of anger and frustration when playing this game. As soon as I can unpack my NES, this game is getting a playthough for sure!

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