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Posted on Oct 30th 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Friday the 13th, Jason, Kickstarter, survival horror

If you grew up in the 80's, at some point your dreams were probably plagued by images of at least one of the super iconic kings of the slasher film.  Though Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and even Leatherface were not totally absent from appearing on the home console, most of these games (if not all) were very poor representations of their movie license. Of course, this had a lot to do with early censorship issues, which prevented fantasy blood, gore, and other forms of more "adult" content. Thanks to ESRB ratings (established in 1994), parents can now be more aware of what their kids are playing, and on the flip side and much to the joy of many modern gamers, the amount of mature content has greatly increased in modern gaming.  Prior to ESRB ratings, many licensed horror games were "forced" to keep their games behind the counter or dull down the content for younger gamers. One of the most notorious (as in notoriously bad) games to come out pre-ESRB was Friday the 13th on the NES in 1989.  Since then, no one has even attempted to make a more violent and mature video game based on this series.......that is, until NOW!

Check out more details, watch the project creators talk about the game, and JOIN THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE!!!: https://www.kickstarter.c...h-the-game?ref=nav_search


Last Fall, game designers, Gun Media, announced that they were building a game called Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp, a summer camp survival horror in the vein of the Friday the 13th series.  Soon after this announcement, they were contacted by Sean Cunningham, who directed and produced the Friday the 13th and created the iconic cult slasher, Jason Vorhees. I know what you're thinking, "Uh oh...," but according to the designers, just the opposite happened; Cunningham was reaching out to them to propose being a part of this project and licensing the Friday the 13th brand. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!  Since then, Summer Camp has been retooled to include "our boy," Jason and the environments have been touched up to recreate the majesty that is Crystal Lake.  Along with Mr. Cunningham, several others have joined in on the project, including: Kane Holder (who played Jason in films VII-X), noted special effects artist, Tom Savini, and legendary composer, Harry Manfredini, who scored the music for the original Friday the 13th

video for the original Summer Camp

The original gameplay concept of Summer Camp is still in place. The game is an 8-player, online multi-player experience where up to seven people can play as camp counselors (choosing to work together or alone to survive) and one person plays as, you guessed it, the one, the only, Jason Vorhees.  Just like in the films, camp counselors come in a variety of stereotypes: there's the jock, the "edgy" guy, and even the "girl next door" to name a few. Each counselor type is not only different in appearance, but they will have different strengths and abilities.  As Jason, you make decisions regarding about setting up and performing each kill and you have a good number of abilities to terrify, harass, and brutally dispatch your opponents.  The developers state that, "While Jason can be an immensely daunting, seemingly unstoppable force, he is able to be brought down with an ‘epic’ win condition."  It's not going to be easy, but the developers have ensured pledgers that with a bit of "teamwork, and perhaps a bit of ingenuity," you will have the "tools and opportunities to realize the biggest win in horror gaming," taking down Jason Vorhees!
Other than what seems to be fantastic gameplay, the developers have described other features of the game, which I find particularly fascinating. The first is a "movie trailer" system, which takes the best moments (kills, etc.) from your actual event and edits them into a shareable trailer.  There has talk of a fear system, which counselors have to mitigate to survive, several unlockables, most notably, various Jason models, and of course, DLC throughout the game's lifetime.  There's also a rumor that one Tommy Jarvis may make an appearance and aid counselors within the game.

Time to return to Crystal Lake....

As with most Kickstarters, there are backer rewards, and Friday the 13th: The Game is no exception.  With your pledge, you can not only get a copy of the game (in digital format or a physical copy for PC, XBox One, or PS4), but you can earn all sorts of cool, limited merchandise including artwork, in-game items, beta access, signed memorabilia, and even dinner with some horror icons and an invitation to the launch party (for those with deep pockets).  The developers are also promising some great stretch goals, which to those unfamiliar, are additional perks giving to the backers or added into the game when certain monetary levels are reached. The stretch goals were recently announced in an update on 10/23/15 and include additional, iconic Jason kills, more skins, a documentary, new in-game weapons, and the return of Tommy Jarvis . There is even mention that a single-player mode may be created for playing as Jason or a counselor, if made possible through the funding of this project.

In my humble opinion, as a long-time gamer and as a child of the generation that watched the slasher genre rise in popularity, this is a game that CANNOT be missed.  There are only 14 days left in this campaign (as of the posting date of this article), so please don't miss out on obtaining your copy of the game and perhaps some other goodies.

the trailer

Check out more details, watch the project creators talk about the game, and JOIN THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE!!!: https://www.kickstarter.c...h-the-game?ref=nav_search

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thank you for posting about this. I've been urging friends to consider funding. I've never backed a Kickstarter before, but this project makes me beyond excited. It really needs to happen.
@noiseredux:  Yeah, I backed it of course and didn't think twice about it.  I'm amazed it's taken so long for someone to contact these horror franchises about doing a more modern game. I think the last games were on the NES (the 2600 for TCM and Halloween)!  Seems to be an easy sell, since slasher flicks of the 70's and 80's were so wildly iconic and popular for their time.  I'm excited to see what other franchises might open up their licenses if this Kickstarter is successful.  This one hit 500K quick, but has fallen off a bit in the past several days.  Please support!
yeah the first few days I was like "woah this is  gonna hit goal fast" and now it's moving slow and I'm getting worried.

The concept is BRILLIANT though. This really needs to become a reality.
I backed it!  I immediately backed it since I love Friday the 13th!  I hope others do, and this game get's created as it is a long time coming.
@noiseredux:  Yeah, the concept reminds me a lot of some of the co-op board games I play like Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Betrayal at House on the Hill, etc. in that you aid others in beating the "game." However, this takes the next step and allows one player to be Jason, a stronger, but very slightly vulnerable character. I'm with you, this needs to happen. Not only would it be cool in terms of digging up the franchise, but it would set a nice precedent for multi-player gaming.

@Gamer4Lyfe: Nice! Keep spreading the word.
Physical copy tiers for kickstarters are always so high. Last reasonable one I saw was for Cheetahmen Sad
@Fleabitten:I went for the $99 pledge, gives you a physical copy, AND a credit under Special Thanks in the game itself, that's all I needed...
@Fleabitten: Meh, I disagree. $75 for a physical copy + beta access + artwork + name in game credit + a few wallpapers + supporting a the release of a great game.  Factor in what a new game costs now (Super Mario Maker currently at $60 + tax = @$65 give or take). Then factor in the extras you get. You really gonna quibble at an extra $10 to support a great game???  Potato/Potatoe.

@Gamer4Lyfe: You get the physical copy and thank you for the $75 tier too. Wink
Sure this one's not so bad. Yooka laylee and armikrog had some ridiculous ones though
@singlebanana:Oh well, I guess I'm really excited about this game, so I spent more than I needed.  Hopefully it will help ensure the games launch.
Also backed this. I backed the $140 tier. "machete" steel case!!
@EngineerMike:  You're an animal Mike. An ANIMAL.
Camp Crystal Lake environment fly through just posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLN-6EBeh9k&feature=youtu.be
ok I shot them a couple bucks even though I won't be able to play since I don't own a new gen console or strong enough PC computer. Hope it hits its goal
Just got an email notification to my phone that says: Jason Has Been Unleashed! THANK YOU ALL!!!
Congrats fellas. We we all be trying to survive, or murder one another at Crystal Lake, in a year or two.
@EngineerMike:  Saw this last night Mike. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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