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Posted on Dec 2nd 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Full Set, Set Collecting, NES, Turbografx 16

Back around 2004 I ordered my first box of NES games off of Ebay. There were about 40 games in it and it cost me around $100. I was mostly trying to acquire some games I had as a kid like Hydlide, Karnov, Ninja Gaiden and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was very cool to explore other games that I didn't even know existed that also came in the box, including unusual games like Chiller, hidden gems like Kickle Cubicle, and classics like Contra. In retrospect, it was an amazing deal, but I didn't know that at the time. I had just picked up a cheap NES at a local Pawn Shop and was looking for some software to play on it...simple as that. After enjoying the next couple of weeks of immensely exploring each and every title in the box, I realized I had awakened something I didn't know was inside me.

Shortly after that initial Ebay purchase, I bought a Virtual Boy and Sega Saturn bundle on Ebay. Each purchase came with the system, as well as a few games to try out. These were two consoles I had pleaded with my parents to purchase for me, and they (probably wisely) declined to help me obtain them. Finally, it was my chance to experience them. Soon after, the research started: What other NES games are there? What systems did I miss out on completely? Who can I talk to about this kind of stuff? These questions led to many of my still favorite areas of the internet, including RF Generation and Nintendo Age. I very naively decided that I should get all the other NES games that I was reading about and it sounded like there were a lot of cool ones I had completely missed out on. I figured this would take me a year at most and then I'd sell off the ones I didn't enjoy and move over to SNES and do the same.

My journey ended up taking around 10 years of garage sale hunting, tireless nights scanning kijiji/craigslist ads, obsessive pawn shop/thift store shopping, what seemed like endless trading and selling of doubles, making awesome friends online that helped each other look for elusive items, taking advantage of game stores when travelling, hitting up flea markets when the opportunity arose, buying the occasional game online, and finally opening up my own store (which caused the local flow of games to mainly funnel right through me) to finish. I was so fortunate to end my licensed NES journey through the sheer generosity of the amazing community here when my lovely friends from RFGen pooled their resources together and purchased me the final game I needed to complete my set, the appropriately named Ubisoft version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It was an amazing journey. I invested what a lot of people might consider an unreasonable amount of time, energy and definitely money into this decade long obsession.

This is what I wanted out of my gaming friends when I was a teenager, not so much these days

I don't regret a second of it though. What started off with the simple concept of "I wanna play some new cool games from this era I grew up in" ended up being an amazing journey that has played an unexpectedly significant role in my life. It lead me to start a now award winning, local small business. It opened up my once introverted self to many new social experiences. It threw open many doors of opportunity and gave me a ridiculous amount of awesome entertainment to consume. But most importantly, I've made lifelong friends, both local and online through our initial bonding over a shared passion for video games. What started simply as conversations about, "How do you beat Battletoads?", "Do you have TMNT III for trade?", or "Why does my system keep blinking!?!?!", evolved into meaningful and lasting friendships. We can now share pictures and anecdotes about our children, look for a comforting shoulder when working through a setback or loss in our life, support each other through challenges, ask advice when exploring unknown waters, and still help each other find that copy of Little Samson or fail miserably at Double Dragon II together.

After finishing my NES set, I didn't pause for a second with my collecting. As of this writing, I'm three games away from a full Turbografx 16 set, three games short of a CIB Virtual Boy set, closing the gap on complete SNES and Dreamcast collections, I just broke the halfway mark on the staggering PS2 set, and am always chipping away at subsets for a variety of systems. What's the appeal of a full set some ask? For me the answer is two fold. To explore the library and discover new and interesting games, but more importantly, I'm just excited to see where it takes me. Wink

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Have to hide this great article from the wife because if I took the plunge and got a Commodore 64 she'll dread where it would take me. Look a shiny C16, SNES, Amstrad CPC ...............
What I've always loved about this community in particular is everyone's willingness to help each other out. I have been on the helping end, as well as the receiving end on numerous occasions, and I have to say that it's the friendships that I have made through deals and communications that has kept me here.  I get texts and PMs all the time about games that I am interested in and what impresses me the most is the thought that people are willing to put their hard-earned cash up front, as well as their time to pick up and ship to help me.  I have gotten and have been offered incredible deals on stuff and can't thank everyone enough for their thoughtfulness and for passing on numerous great deals to me, even when they could have made much more reselling an item. In appreciation, I always try to do the same for others here and it's a win win.  I've tried other sites, but none seem to have the close-knit community that is present here and for that reason, I've never strayed. I'm sure many of you here feel the same way, and if you haven't gotten great deals from members here, you just need to be more active on the forums and build up some rapport with members. This is a solid group of collectors and I'm happy it's stayed that way over all my years here.  Great article Crabby!  Now get out there and find me a Little Samson. Wink

PS. That new game room is looking hella nice!
I've seen pics of your collection before.  Truly amazing and one of the best I've seen!
Just to be clear. That is not my game room in the picture. That is NintendoTwizer over at Nintendoage.coms old room. I'll have pics of mine up soon hopefully Wink
@Crabmaster2000: fraud...........
woops lol
Great story. Congrats to this great collection! A lot of us can relate to the interest in and incentives to buy and play games although I never was so persistent like you in hunting games. I'm a bit lazy and not a morning person (that's a euphemism) and therefore missed out on garage sales and everything nice they had to offer 15 years ago.

I'm very curious about your upcoming pictures of your gameroom!
Aw, man.  Remember when NES games were so cheap on ebay?  When a "lot" of games could be had for as little as $2 a game?  Well, I got into collecting for the same reasons you did, Crab: To play/have all the fun stuff I missed as a kid (minus the boxes).  And what a mountain to climb.  However, I am happy to see you have accomplished what you have, and amongst those at RFGen at that.    Great article, Crab.  Keep, 'em coming.
I Started collecting hardcore on my Sega Genesis collection when I was working at a game store in 2001 and everyone was coming in to buy NES games for there collection.  I thought will I was a Sega Fanboy I should start collecting all of those games. 12 years later in 2013 I finished my Sega Genesis collection, by that time I already had all other Sega systems besides the Game Gear I finished the full US sets of all the Sega systems in 2015 with the CJ Elephant on the Game Gear. I am one game away of a Game com ( Sonic Jam I cant bring myself to spend 20 for that POS ) but I have not actively been looking for any full sets of other systems, that being said I do have about 2/3s of all the N64 games and about half of all the PS1 and PS2 games.
Glad do have you here! Thanks for the story, which i can totaly relate to.
Awesome to read about your collection, and finally obtaining that full set!  I know I'll be elated when I finally get the full Game Boy and PSP sets, and if I ever completed any other sets, I would be equally thrilled.  Great stuff, man.

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