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Posted on Jan 20th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under fundraiser, donate, donations, 2016, no ads, fund drive, raffle, prizes

As we do every year, it's once again time to support a good cause and give back to RF Generation. RF Generation is a free, no advertising or pop-ups, non-profit site in which all database contributions come from member submissions. Our unpaid staff works hard to update and improve database content, keep front page articles fresh and informative, and work tirelessly on podcasts for your listening pleasure. However, the costs associated with running this site are not free (...or cheap) and we need YOUR help to keep our servers running into 2017. All donations will go directly to our server account and our goal is to raise at least $1000 by the end of February 29, 2016, which combined with donations from the previous year, will keep us going through 2017. I will provide updates on the front page throughout February to help monitor how close we are to obtaining our goal and thank all donors by name for their contributions.

Starting February 1st, we ask that you donate any amount you can, if you are able. As an added incentive, our generous staff has once again donated some very nice items to raffle off to donors who contribute at least $10. An explanation of the raffle rules are below. Raffle prize lots will be announced a few days prior to the beginning of the fund drive, since we are still getting those together. However, I can say without a doubt that the donations this year are fantastic and include systems, video games, board games, and video game memorabilia, among other things!

For every $10 donated, that donor will receive a ticket for the raffle (i.e. if you donate $40, you will receive 4 entries). At the end of the donation drive, names will be randomly drawn from the entries (drawing to be videoed) and winners will be allowed to select the lot of their choosing based on draw order. For instance, the first name drawn will select their lot first, the second name drawn will select their lot second, and so on; the last name drawn will receive the final, remaining lot. Participants will only be allowed to win one (1) lot, so if your name is drawn more than once, you will retain your highest selection position and another name will be selected. These rules will be re-posted on another thread once the prize lots have been arranged in case you need to review them.

I am once again overwhelmed by the generosity of our staff in terms of the raffle prizes and would like to express my sincere thanks for not only this, but for the hard work you all put in throughout the year! Please show your appreciation and donate.

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Thanks again for the wonderful site!
I appreciate this site, and will show it February when I can donate again :-)
You guys manage to do this when I'm strapped for money every year. Sad
I was happy with the raffle prize I won last year. I look forward to getting an opportunity, to win again this year, while supporting this great site.
Thanks for all the work everyone. Not only is the site very useful, the community is outstanding! I'll try to donate again this year Smiley
wallet's ready! I would be lost with out this site
I will try and donate this year, as I've really got a lot of use from the site and have enjoyed this community!
Once I get paid again, I'll be sure to donate again.
Thanks for the kind words everyone. I can truly say that no site has ever felt like home to me like this one does. So many great people here and hopefully many more to join.
@singlebanana: I completely agree. I know I've said this a lot, but the fact that this site has such a great community sort of had me more relaxed than anxious to meet everyone when we were all at RetroWorld Expo.

I usually am a very shy person around new people, usually even more so when I don't have someone I know there with me. I quickly shed that when we got to Bil's. Granted, Izret and I had quite the tale to tell when we got there, so that made for a nice ice breaker, but the group was very much like a live forum.
Though I don't come around as often as I used to, always a RFG supporter.  Donation made for the cause.  Donation link for quick access for others who may be able help out:



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