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Posted on Mar 4th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under fundraiser, RFG Thanks, Thank You, 2016, February, submitters, approvers

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I know that everyone is excited to know the results of our RF Generation 2016 Fund Drive. I am very happy to announce that not only did we make our goal of $1000......... WE CRUSHED IT! Over the month of February, we raised a total of $1423.24!!  The staff and I are extremely pleased with these results and are excited about another great upcoming year on the site. Our members truly drive this site and we can't thank all of you who donated enough for your generosity.  Personally, I was overwhelmed by all of the awesome private messages from people telling me how much they enjoyed the site and how invaluable of a tool it was. There were several "lurkers" who donated generous amounts who I got to meet, and I heard from many of our old members who though they have been quiet for some time, made sure to come "home" to donate. Thank you, thank you, one and all!

At this time, the staff at RF Generation would like to take a moment to thank the rest of our members who donated since the last update and helped push us over the $1000 threshold:

Razor Knuckles   

Prior to the release of this post, I will be sending out PMs to every donor who donated at least $10 to verify your donation amount and the number of tickets that will be placed into the raffle for you. PLEASE reply to this PM and let me know if your donation amount is correct (if you haven't already done so).  If you donated to the fund drive this month and have not received, a PM from me, as of this post, PLEASE send me a PM so that we can confirm your donation amount and get you the appropriate number of tickets for the raffle.  The quicker I can get donation amounts verified, the quicker I can conduct the raffle. If you have questions regarding the raffle, you can find more details here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=16247.0.

GRAND TOTAL: $1423.24


February was another great month of submissions, with a total of 4,576! The submissions for last month included 4,502 game submissions and 74 hardware submissions. Thanks to all of the submitters you for putting forth another great effort and for making the site a more valuable tool for collectors.  We truly couldn't do it without such great member support.

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 50) for February were:
FatherJack                   2,821
Kam1Kaz3 NL77             513
Schlibby                            239
Shadow Kisuragi             179
sharp                                 121
Ack                                       81
OatBob                                75
Raidou                                 53
raffa1985                            52

Top approvers for the month included:
Shadow Kisuragi        859
Tynstar                         161
Flee                                 38
ApolloBoy                       33

Great work everyone, please keep those submissions coming!

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Awesome work everyone that donated!!!!!!!
Wow, that was quite a push over the last 24 hours! Proud to call this site "home"
Good effort by everyone involved in the site and the donors.
All your monies are belong to us.
Great job everyone! Congrats to another successful fundraiser.

And well done all submitters and approvers.

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