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Posted on May 30th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under game room, Crabmaster2000, setup, collection, photos

Welcome to the ninth edition of our game room series where we take a look at some of our site members gaming spaces!  This month we are featuring longtime member, Collectorcaster, and all around good guy, Crabmaster2000. 

Join us as we explore Crabmaster's gaming space, learn more about how and what he collects, and how he makes his space work for his gaming needs.

**If you are a member and have a game room or gaming area that you would like to share, please send a PM to singlebanana and I will add you to our list.**

RF Generation handle:


Approximate dimensions of your game room (in feet, or meters if you prefer):

9íx23í with a long hallway entrance that houses Amiibos and one shelf full of figures and music

Describe your game room in a Tweet (140 characters, include spaces).

Whatís a Tweet?

How many distinct systems do you own (including handheld)?  What are your favorites?

Depending on the definition of distinct thereís over 50. NES is a big favorite of mine with PS2 being my runner up.

How many systems do you have hooked up right now?  What are they?

All of them are ready to go

What are the top 5 biggest collections in your game room? Are any complete?

PS2 is by far my largest collection currently. Licensed NES was complete, but I recently sold off my Stadium events, so now Iím complete -1. I have all of the North American TG16 games. I am over 80% of 5 other complete sets as well.

What is your favorite piece in your game room (game and/or non-game)?

Iíve got a few items from my childhood that are always my favorites. Lots of great PS1 games I never gave up like Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, FFIX, Xenogears and Symphony of the Night. My grandparents are starting to declutter their home so that when they pass away my family wonít be burdened by an excess of stuff to deal with and one of the items they gave to me was their CIB SEGA Genesis that they purchased for when the grandkids came over to visit. Apparently, my sister and I were the only ones that used to actually use it and my sister and grandparents agreed it would be appropriate for me to hold onto it. Itís got a special place in my home.

What is the rarest piece in your game room?

With Stadium Events now sold it would likely be my Hu Card/Manual copy of Magical Chase for the TG16.

Do you own any game cabinets/pinball machines?  If so, which one would you like to add next?  If not, which one would you like to be your first?

I currently own around 40 machines, but Iím in the process of selling my store and nearly all of those machines will be going along with it. I have worked out the option to cherry pick a few to keep though. As for arcade cabs, Iíd love to add a Playchoice 10 to my home and for Pinball Iím desperately trying to convince my wife we cannot live without the new Iron Maiden Pinball that Stern is putting together. 

What, if anything, makes your game room or setup distinguishable?

Wall to roof library of games surrounding you in a cool, windowless basement room. Maybe not the most unique, but itís exactly what I want in a game room.


Who or what was the inspiration for your game room?

No one in particular was the inspiration. Just made the best use of the space I had available to me in my home.

If your game room were an animal, which one would it be and why?

A captive Zoo Panda. Adorable and encouraged to have a slothful and pleasurable life

Did you have any plans for your game room that became too ambitious or expensive to implement?

I built custom shelving for my consoles and TVs that has itís own wiring that took up 4 breakers as well as all the AV cables are hidden in the wall. It ended up going a bit over budget as well as taking many months of extra build time. I did get done, but it was a lot more effort than anticipated.

What new section or set would you like to eventually add to your game room?

Iím actually toying with the idea of downsizing a bit. Getting rid of some of the never plan to play kind of games and using that money to knock off a few more of the expensive and more interesting gems Iím missing. If I downsize enough I may invest in a curio cabinet to display full series of games (like every Super Mario game for example).

If someone handed you $100 and you HAD to spend it on your game room (not on games or systems), what would you buy?

I have a friend who I commissioned a Mega Man painting from that turned out fantastic. Iíd likely commission her to do another painting for me.

For many collectors, storing controllers is always an issue due to their cords and sometimes awkward shapes. How do you manage these?

Peg board mounted on my walls on each side of my TVs. Keeps most of my controllers and light guns in easy reach. Have some back ups and ones that donít get used as much use in a sturdy wooden box as well.

What does your significant other, housemate(s), or friends think about your game room?

Wife doesnít understand it at all, but tolerates it. Son enjoys it with me and without me. Daughter likes to visit it because of the stuffed toys on display that she re-arranges for me. Friends are mostly gamers/collectors also so they ďget itĒ and can appreciate what Iím doing. Other family members really donít get it and I get some flack from them about it.

What was the funniest/coolest thing someone has ever said when they saw your game room for the first time?

I donít actually show it off very often. Itís kind of just for me so I donít make a point of giving tours too often. My wife likes to show it too her friends when Iím not around so they can laugh about how silly the things their husbands are into though.

What advice would you give to someone getting ready to set up their own game room?

There is no such thing as too much shelving!

Question from previous participant Voodoo Monkey:

How do you keep track of your collection besides the RF Gen database?  Are there any other online/ mobile collection tools you use alongside RF Gen to track your games, check prices, etc.?

The RFGen app does everything I need. Iíve never used another method ever. Once it was big enough to justify tracking, I found RFGen and was hooked. Iíve seen a few others that friends use and have tried to convert them to the superior RFGen app each time. I donít like what Iíve seen from the other ones so far.

What question would you like to ask the next participant?

Iíve been getting more into art and have a stack of cool pictures/paintings/posters I plan to hang up soon. Do you have a preference between officially licensed art for your game room as opposed to fan made art? Iíve got pieces from both sides that I absolutely love, but for me there is something special about official work that makes it seem ďcoolerĒ somehow.

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I like you setup, the big boxed guncon games are sexy. 
@douglie007:Thanks! I love how those look as well. Some of my favorite packaging to display.
Thanks for the tour :-) Must have taken so much time, boxing and unboxing the last time you moved. What is in the Killer Instinct Box? An Arcade-Stick? Openly displayed consoles get covered in dust so fast...do you have a monthly cleaning-schedule or something like that o or just cleaning by blowing when you use the system ?
Greetings to PG and and I hope the Game-shop is still fun.
Awesome collection man!  I'm guessing you are a variation collector due to the multiple copies of games?
@ericeskapade: Hey Eric. It was quite the ordeal to move. We literally had one moving truck load for my game room and one for the rest of our home. I started working on packing a month in advance to spread out the work.

The killer instinct box is an Arcade stick.

My room has no windows and very little foot traffic so it doesnt actually get too dusty. I just spot clean as needed.

@Bear78: I do have a soft spot for major varients or varients of some of my favorite titles, but outside of those two exceptions I dont go looking for them or keep them in the collection. So stuff like Gun.Smoke/Untouchables/Metroid having different labels I feel warrants multiple copies. Or games like Working Designs disc art varients I love grabbing, or something I love like Disgaea or Castlevania SOTN I'll usually have a black label and greatest hits copy kicking around. With the downsizing Im planning I may actually start to get rid of some of those though as I don't need two copies of a lot of games. Oh and sometimes Ill have a sealed and opened copy of some games if I either got a great deal on the sealed one or its a game I really love.
I love looking at all the different room tours that get posted from time to time. Thank you for sharing it with us!
I think I see a few open square inches where you could fit a few more games. Wink
"How many systems do you have hooked up right now?

All of them are ready to go"

That is really impressive. Probably my favorite answer so far on these Game Room interviews.
@Duke.Togo: Sell me some stuff then!!!

@nupoile: That was the biggest feature I wanted when we moved and I knew I had a little bit of money to put into my room. Was sick of having to dig out and hook up the stuff that got played less often and wanted it all hooked up through switch boxes.
Great gameroom!  Do you have a picture of your peg board layout for your controllers?

Man, this looks like an awesome room! I enjoy my setup, but sort of wish that I had a space big enough to house all the games AND have TVs and consoles set up. That said, having that separation is okay as well, because it means my living room has TVs and consoles, but is otherwise uncluttered. Also, I agree with nupoile, that it's awesome you have all your systems connected! I have nearly everything connected in my setup, but I just didn't have enough room to have both the 2600 AND 7800 set up, and the same goes for my JVC X'Eye and model 1 or 2 Genesis. Still, an impressive achievement - and that custom cabinet for your TV and consoles looks awesome, kudos for building that.
Very nice space, Crabby, and thanks for sharing.  I think the second pic is my favorite, just because everything looks so flush and even.  This is why I will take "small box" PC games over the big ones any day of the week; they just look better lined up a shelf, not like a half completed Jenga puzzle.

I do like how you put the Working Designs PSX games up front in the first pic.  When I owned them I used to just love walking over and opening them up.  Just some great looking boxes.
@bombatomba: I love that wall of games also. Very satisfying visually. I have a soft spot for Working Designs games and specifically Lunar 2. It deserves a little extra attention up at the front Wink
Amazing collection Crabs.  That GameCube display case is awesome...
Awesome collection Crab!!!! I love these game room tours.  It's fun to see how others set their stuff up. I like to look and get ideas for my "Man Cave".  I definitely am running out of shelving and need to invest in some bigger shelving units for my games.  The NES collection has pushed other games off my "Nintendo Wall".

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