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Posted on Nov 28th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
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Welcome to the seventh edition of our game room series where we take a look at some of our site members gaming spaces!  This month we are featuring longtime site member and loyal playthrough participant, douglie007.  I had asked Doug to participate a few months ago, but soon after he agreed, I received the news no collector wants to hear, "Hey man, my game room was flooded..."  I know that Doug has taken on some loss to his collection of around 9,000 items (yes, 9,000!), but I'm happy to report that he is bouncing back. Smiley

Join us as we explore douglie007's gaming space, learn more about how and what he collects, and how he makes his space work for his gaming needs.

**If you are a member and have a game room or gaming area that you would like to share, please send a PM to singlebanana and I will add you to our list.**

RF Generation handle:


Approximate dimensions of your game room (in feet, or meters if you prefer):

1366 Square feet… I have a ranch, and the basement is my game room.

Describe your game room in a Tweet (140 characters, include spaces).

Organized chaos, I have set up separate “living room” areas for Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Older systems are together, and the unloved 90s have an area.

How many distinct systems do you own (including handheld)?  What are your favorites?

If I go by my system Genre on RFgeneration I have 207 systems.  I do have a lot of doubles that are not counted. My favorites would be the Sega CD and PlayStation 1

How many systems do you have hooked up right now?  What are they?

45 Consoles are set up around 22 televisions… I have problems -  2 Xbox Original, 3 PS2, 3 SNES, Master system, 2 Sega CD w/32x, 2 NES, N64, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, Turbo Duo, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, 3 GameCube, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, Saturn, 2  PS1, 2 PS3, Jaguar, Commodore 128, 2 Dreamcast, 3DO, CDi, 2 Wii, Vectrex, Famicom, and 2 Wii U

What are the top 5 biggest collections in your game room? Are any complete?


I have complete US collections for the Master System,Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear, 32x, PICO, Saturn, and Dreamcast.  I thought I had all the Tiger Game Com games, but I found I was missing Monopoly.

What is your favorite piece in your game room (game and/or non-game)?

My Sega Display case

What is the rarest piece in your game room?

KEIO flying squirrel I think. I might have something else rarer, but I can't think of it. Or don't know what it is Smiley

Do you own any game cabinets/pinball machines?  If so, which one would you like to add next?  If not, which one would you like to be your first? 

I have a MVS arcade, and a PS1 Kiosk. I would love to get any of the Sega Kiosks as my next addition

What, if anything, makes your game room or setup distinguishable?

The size and sight of over 20 CRTs with games on them.

Who or what was the inspiration for your game room?

My OCD of never wanting to get rid of anything game related.

If your game room were an animal, which one would it be and why?

Sperm whale….. it's huge.

Did you have any plans for your game room that became too ambitious or expensive to implement?

Yes, getting the basement finished with custom shelving and themed rooms for each decade of games.

What new section or set would you like to eventually add to your game room?

Imports from Brazil and other non-typical regions. I have some JP games and a couple EU games, but none from Korea or Brazil.

If someone handed you $100 and you HAD to spend it on your game room (not on games or systems), what would you buy?

Use it for a down payment for a gscartsw ( an automatic Scart switch )

For may collectors, storing controllers is always an issue due to their cords and sometimes awkward shapes. How do you manage these?

I wrap them and have them in bins when they are not being used

What does your significant other or other housemate(s) think about your game room?

She wants it to stay out of the main house Smiley but it does not bother her.

What was the funniest/coolest thing someone has ever said when they saw your game room for the first time?

My wife’s friend said “I don't really like games that much, but this made me have a small orgasim”

Tell us about your game room seating.  Do you have a preferred spot?

I have a mismatch of chairs around each area, but I have a leather rolly chair that I like to sit and play at my streaming area.  I have it setup so I can roll to my PC, game systems, and work bench.

Do you allow drinks and/or snacks in your game room?  Explain.

I do, when it's a game party. We people have donated to the church to play games and eat food.

What advice would you give to someone getting ready to set up their own game room?

Plan the layout first.. Or you will be moving everything a lot.

Question from previous participant, Wempster: How do you store your gaming manuals for cart based games?

If I dont have the case for them, I have them stacked up near the system they are for. 

What question would you like to ask the next participant? 

Why do you collect? For the love of the games, as a nest egg, for nostalgia, or to preserve history? Explain.

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20 CRTs?  You can't tell, but I am doffing my hat to you, sir.  I mean, I thought I was excessive with the amount of screens I have, but 20 CRTs is a lot of screens, and I imagine a lot of juice to power.  During game nights do you ever worry about popping a breaker?  I mainly ask because I also have my gaming in my basement, and typically (at least out in Metro D, where basements aren't typically subjected to the same power outlet rules as "living" floors), there aren't a massive amount of power outlets to go around.
@bombatomba: funny you should say that, but I am good with the brakes until I turn on the Arcade and PS1 Kiosk with them and then I pop.  But when I have a party I might only have 8 on at a time.  2 player Time Crisis 2 on 2 CRTs is good times
You use cassette tape drawers like I do.  I actually had the exact same ones for a while until I found another matching set. I put loose Genesis carts in those. You?
That SEGA display case is beauty! Hope the flood didn't do too much damage. That sucks especially hard when you've got 9000+ items store there.
I'm sorry to hear about the flood. It's a constant worry for anyone with Game Room. I thought about custom shelves for my Game Room as well but it was prohibitively expensive. Time Crisis 2/3 is one of the reasons I'm going to buy a cart for the JVC TV I recently acquired. That way I can wheel it next to my Sony CRT in the retro corner for 2 player Time Crisis. Thanks for giving us a look at your game room!
@singlebanana: I use them for Gameboy games I put in cassette cases and made covers for. My loose Genesis games all got original boxes from Sports games that told me they no longer needed on, and I printed art for them also.  If you see a .5 next to a game box, thats a printed art game.

@Crabmaster2000: I have about 30 PS3 and PS2 games that have wrinkles on the art now, and I had to take apart 10 consoles and 8 game gears to dry out.  8 of my CRTs was dripping water I had to dry out.  And 5 PS3 controllers stopped holding a charge after they got wet. I also had lots of other that got wet and needed dried out and tested so in all I got lucky in the fact most items I was able to save.

@Addicted: one thing I learned from the flood, is that a good dresser doesn't let water in, the atari dresser and the PS2 dresser both had a lot of water hit them, and not one thing inside got wet.  so I might try and get rid of all my shelves and just have drawers everywhere.
@douglie007: Regarding your response to Addicted's question, I think this is great advice to collectors.  I think more often that not we tend to use a lot of particle board furniture because it is cheap and allows us to put money in more gaming related stuff, but in the end our goods might be better off on either quality wood and other alternative material structures.  A few years ago I lost a lot of books because of a little water leakage that was soaked up like a sponge by the cheap Sauder furniture they were on.  Actually makes me want to visit the local lumber yards and improvement stores to dig through their "wood scrap" boxes.

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