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Posted on May 30th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
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Where the NeoMagicWarrior magic happens...hey, I'm talking about video game magic you sicko!

Welcome to the first installment of my new series where we take a look at some of our site members gaming spaces!  I was overjoyed by the excited messages that I got from several of our members regarding this project and I hope that it will not only entertain, but make us closer as a community.  I had several great ideas for titles for this series (thanks to bickman2k for the main inspiration), and I had a good number of members asking to be featured in upcoming months. Rest assured, if you contacted me or posted in the comments section regarding featuring your game room, I have you on my list and will contact you when your name is up.

During this series, I hope that you gain some new perspectives on game room and console set ups, storage ideas, and an insight on what makes each space work for its owner.  And who knows, you may even want to steal borrow some ideas to implement in your game room, or future gaming area. I hope that you will participate in the comments section and interact with each owner by asking them questions or discussing the features that you like.

**If you are a member and have a game room or gaming area that you would like to share, please send a PM to singlebanana and I will add you to our list.**

RF Generation handle:


Approximate dimensions of your game room:

~ .0058 acres (250 square ft for those of you who don’t like to math)

Describe your game room in a Tweet (140 characters or less, include spaces).

The finished basement of my parent's house, converted to be a functional game room, workshop, and a place to sleep. #stilllivesathome #loser

That's a lot of sweet hook ups!

How many distinct systems do you own (including handheld)?  What are your favorites?

26 (and i’m positive I must be missing some). I really like my Dark Souls Box, er Xbone. If I have a limited time frame, I usually jump on the NES or the PC.

How many of those systems do you have hooked up right now?  What are they?

Counting the Retron 5 as one, and the PC, 10 total excluding handhelds.

What are the top 5 biggest collections in your game room? Are any complete?

Not including digital games, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Genesis, and NES. I typically only collect what I want to play, so not much is “complete.” I am working on a full “Kirby” set though.

There are no words....

What is your favorite piece in your game room (game and/or non-game)?

One of my favorites is my Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” single on vinyl. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

What is the rarest piece in your game room?

Not much of my stuff is particularly rare..I just have things in WAY better condition than they have any right to be. For example I have a Pokemon Green, in box with all the inserts, ads, and the receipt at some japanese store. If I had to pin one thing, I’d say my Game Action Replay for NES had to be the hardest to learn what it was.

Do you own any game cabinets/pinball machines?  If so, which one would you like to add next?  If not, which one would you like to be your first?

I just bought a Bally Motordome pinball machine from some old lady’s basement about a month ago, and have been trying to restore it to it’s full glory. Currently it is in a garage being worked on. I doubt it’ll ever see this game room, but will be front and center when I move out.

Heyyyyyyyy! Sexy robots. Op..Op..Op..Op..Oppa Gundam style.

What, if anything, makes your game room or setup distinguishable?

Possibly that everything is always a mess! I like to think of it as “There is always a new project going on.” Mom likes to think “Look at all this junk, and will he ever make his bed?”

My game room is also a bedroom (less original) and a workshop, where I paint up board game miniatures and Gundams, as well as fix/mod systems and other electronics.

It’s also set up as my Twitch streaming area, with EVERYTHING wired into the PC for video/audio capture with ease (hence some of the odd wires around in a few of the pics)

Who or what was the inspiration for your game room?

My room was inspired by “How can I fit all of my hobbies in my room so that I don’t have to go upstairs and be around my family?” It seemed to work really well, until they started using the stairs.

If your game room were an animal, which one would it be and why?

Groundhog. It’s underground and prefers to stay there. Dislikes include bright light, being prematurely woken up, and being eaten.

What's shakin' bacon?

Did you have any plans for your game room that became too ambitious or expensive to implement?

This is Game Room Mark 1. I’m currently house hunting, and should be moving into a new place before the year is up, in which case It’ll be time to upgrade the whole thing from scratch (it’ll be a living room then!).

Obvious upgrades are a better TV, surround sound, and better seating. I’ve also got a crazy wiring scheme in my head that I’d like to try out, building better plugs into the wall to run the signal to the TV with less mess.

What new section or set would you like to eventually add to your game room?

I really can’t wait to move all of the fiancé's games and equipment in. It should add almost another 15-20% in size, including all the stuff I leave at her house. It’ll be REALLY nice to get it all in one spot.

Nobody puts Baby 360 in the corner!

If someone handed you $100 and you HAD to spend it on your game room (not on games or systems), what would you buy?

Better shelves. Mine are JUNK and mismatched!

For may collectors, storing controllers is always an issue due to their cords and sometimes awkward shapes. How do you manage these?

A set of plastic drawers house one of each system’s controllers for me. The others are in a plastic bin in the other half of the basement.

What does your significant other or other housemate(s) think about your game room?

Mom has grown to accept my stuff, and as long as it is out of her way, she is ok. My fiancé thinks it is a bit messy, but is super excited for Version 2.0.

What was the funniest/coolest thing someone has ever said when they saw your game room for the first time?

“Somehow I shouldn’t be surprised that this is your room. I still am, but I shouldn’t be”

Nothing better than a sweeeet, comfy gaming couch!

Tell us about your game room seating.  Do you have a preferred spot?

Currently, I’m sitting on a very nice microfiber recliner that used to be in the living room prior to the family getting all new furniture. At the desk or worktable, it’s some cruddy old dining room chairs I got at a yard sale. Guests get to use those, or the couch that matches the recliner.

Do you allow drinks and/or snacks in your game room?  Explain.

Short answer: Yes, but it’s more complicated. I wrote a whole article on “Snacking Etiquette” (which you can read on RFGeneration.com!), and the food rules in here boil down to the following:

1. Anything at the workbench
2. Drinks (in cups with lids...I spill stuff) and candy anywhere else.

What advice would you give to someone getting ready to set up their own game room?

Make it functional. If you like to play games, it should be easy to start up almost any system you feel like at a moment’s notice...otherwise the work to set something up may turn you off to the idea of playing anything.

What question would you like to ask our next participant?

Why is your game room set up the way it is? (form, function, esthetics, etc.)

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Great article! Pac-man looks hungry for some bacon. I would love to see some pics of the new place once it is set up. Maybe we can see a future article with tips on moving one's collection?
Great first article and nice setup!
As a person without a game room, this series will be a great window as well as a way to pick up some ideas for when I eventually do get to make one up.

Great article!
@bickman2k:  @Bear78:  Thanks!  I do hope people can get some good ideas from these articles. However, I plan on also interviewing people who do not have "physical" game rooms as a way of looking into how they operate without the space. I think this could be helpful to other collectors as well.  Looking forward to next month, which is already in progress. 
Great Article! I think this series is going to be a great way for me to get new ideas, and possible ways I can fix my room up. Thanks Banana and Neomagicwarrior!
"Can't wait to poop that" - so classy!!

Love the little flare that makes it your own like the Kirby plushies and the posters.

Is that an authentic Incredible Hulk issue 1? It's a cool comic display.
Great job on everything.  It looks like you truly have utilized the space you do have and it does not look cluttered.  Also it looks like you have a nice variety of stuff appose to just games.  It is always nice to branch out.  I would my self but the games them self have consumed the space I have so I try to stay focus on that aspect when collecting.
Very nice setup.  I love that Crayon Shin-Chan poster. 
Love these kinds of segments on the site. Great work!
Super Soakerman so crazy! I love seeing game rooms with other collections. Makes me feel less weird about having my coins in here with them.
@BadEnoughDude:  Thank you!  With the success of our People of RFGen posts, I thought it might be nice to take another creative angle toward learning more about our members.  Glad people are enjoying this.  No sign of stopping anytime soon, since I have about 14 people who have already reached out about volunteering!
@Crabmaster2000: Unfortunately, it's just a print from a calendar I had that was neat. The wife has all the expensive comics framed at her house.

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