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Posted on Oct 7th 2011 at 07:30:08 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under GameCenter CX, Game Center CX, Retro Game Master

Back to our regularly scheduled episode.

In the last episode, Arino was re-introduced to the romance genre with Roommania #203, a life simulator for the Sega Dreamcast. Arino was very familiar with the game, but one scenario had escaped him - the romance scenario.

Arino armed himself with the game's strategy guide and worked through the scenario. However, at the end of the scenario, he was only able to read part of the text for the ending and thought he had lost the challenge. However, that text was documenting the past, and the rest of the text revealed the happy ending!

Poor Arino, he never wins when it comes to romance.

This week, we're introduced to a brand new segment of the show - the collections! At the beginning of the episode, the fansub providers were kind enough to leave in the second portion of the Hudson Collection, and in the next season this segment becomes a mainstay.

Arino's challenge this week is a game published by Hudson, known as Star Force. Shmup fans will immediately recognize this title, as it almost singlehandedly brought the genre to the forefront in Japan.

Win Condition: Earn the 50k bonus for defeating Rarios before it forms.

Bonus: A legendary video game idol is introduced on the show! Guess which video game character is modeled after him?

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This one's for you, Crabmaster.
For those interested, you can also accomplish this task on the NES version of Star Force.
@Shadow Kisuragi:

Shmup fans will immediately recognize this title (Star Force)

I guess I'm not a real shmup fan then... just another poser-wannabe... *sob*

Though the game title does make me nostalgic for one of Japan's greatest exports: Space Battleship Yamato. In the North American edit, aka Star Blazers, the Yamato crew were referred to as the Star Force. For a moment there, I thought it was a video game based on SBY.

Speakin' of which: does anyone know if they ever put out a Space Battleship Yamato video game?

Anyhoo: I've watched later episodes of GameCenter CX, and a few of them bring up Arino's poor shmup skills. So even though I haven't yet watched episode 5 as of this writing, I'm ashamed to  admit I'm not optimistic of the man's chances.

Time to find out if I'm wrong. I sure hope I am...


There was one released for the PlayStation in Japan for sure. aeroc added a scan for it during the contest:
That other guy was insanely fast.  I've never been too good at shumps, so I feel Arino's pain.

I'm totally going to try that now!!

Good episode. One of my favs so far (including the Kotaku episodes). Great special guest, a little history, solid game, cool accessories (that timer controller is sick!, I'd love to get one).
The guest star is Takahashi Meijin, the star of Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima, known as Hudson's Adventure Island (he's Master Higgins!). He's a former executive of Hudson's that became well known for his rapid fire ability in Star Force and Star Soldier.
He needed a little help from The Master, but Arino pulled it off.

My fave part here was when AD Toujima was asked to help, and displayed far worse skills than the Kacho.


that timer controller is sick!

I was totally blown away when he whipped that out. Who would have even thought of making such a thing? Then I remembered that this is Japan we're talkin' about here, where games are truly serious business. Fortunately, Arino shows us that even serious business can be pretty fun...

@Shadow Kisuragi:

(he's Master Higgins!)

You mean Adventure island is a Magnum P.I. spinoff???


Speakin' of which... I betcha didn't know Magnum was into old-school PC adventure games?

Here's the proof:

That is really cool that they got Meijin to come in to help. I remember reading about him a long time ago and his famous 16 shots. Quite a celebrity of sorts for this accomplishment.

For those that want to try the number of shots in 10 seconds function of the Hudson controller, the Bandai MEGA controller released in the US has the same function. I haven't measured mine in quite a while, so I might have to break it out.
I know it has nothing to do with the topic, sorry about that,but i would like to know why i was banned from using the forum? Nobody told me anything and i have no clue about what i've done to deserve it.

Thanks for your attention.
...umm, I have no clue. I wasn't even aware you were banned from using the forum. I might be able to look into it later tonight.

EDIT: Nothing I can do. I'll bring it up to the Directors.
@Shadow Kisuragi:@Shadow Kisuragi:

Thanks again for your help (as always), much appreciated.

Is there anyone who i should get in contact for? How i do it?
Hilarious. Especially how serious they are about it, and all the sound effects (when Maijin rubs his head...) make it even more funny.

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