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Posted on Apr 30th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under gameroom, photos, games, consoles, OMG

Based on the popularity of our series, The People of RF Generation, I thought that it might be nice to not only learn more about our members and their collecting history and habits, but also about their game rooms!  Members will not only answer questions about their game room or gaming area, but will also give us a glimpse of their setup in pictures, or for the more adventurous, in video format.

The success of this series will rely on all of YOU, our members.  I am currently looking for (1) a catchy title for this series, and for (2) volunteers who are willing to provide us with a visual slice of their gaming lives.  I'd also like (3) suggestions as to what questions each member will be asked about their game room, so be sure to get these ideas in as soon as possible!

**if you would like to share your collection with the other members here at RF Generation, please send a PM to singlebanana and maybe one month your gameroom will be featured on our front page**

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I love this idea. 

I really hope this takes off.  From time to time I look to look at the photos the other members have attached to there profiles but I know, my self included that, those do not get updated that often.  I would love to see where some of our members stand today.

Trying to think of a name is always hard.  I would like to see the rfgeneration name in it somehow however.  Maybe something like "Rfgen Monthly Collection Corner". 
My comment above was significantly longer but it looks like a lot of it was cut off Sad.  It just had some ideas for questions as well. Such as  1. Why did you start collecting 2. What are your collecting goals. 3 What is your end goal. Etc
nice idea!
cool, can it be a video?

This is a fun idea. I'm totally up for sharing my collection and gaming space. For a name, I like the idea of making it similar to The People of RFGeneration, to keep with the same theme. Something like Game Caves of RFGeneration, or maybe something less reclusive sounding lol. For questions, it's hard to think of some that aren't already covered in the People Of articles, as those are already pretty extensive about members' collections and histories. I think it would be neat if the members could share a bit about how they're gaming spaces have evolved and changed over time. Mine definitely has gone through a lot of changes over the years.
"The Gamer's Den" sounds like a cozy title
This sounds like a great idea! I would love to see other people's game rooms
here's mine from a year ago, I have added more to it, and changed some things

I like this idea a lot and I kind of like the title you gave it, Rich.  That's what I say to people when I go to their homes for the first time:  Show me the Game Room.

What advice would you give to someone getting ready to set up their own gaming room?

What section would you like to add to the game room?

What's the coolest/funniest thing someone has ever said when they saw the gameroom for the first time?
I love this idea, and I don't think we will find a shortage of people who will respond to this.  As for the title, I am partial to Gamer's Den or Gamer's Corner or something akin to that.  Seeing a collection can be fun, but in this format I'm a little bit more interested in seeing the gaming setup.
Cool idea!  I'd love to contribute at some point.  I've wanted to make a video for a while but have never got around to it.
Great idea!

I like the name "The Gamer's Den". 
Maybe to tie it in closer to RFGen it could just be called "RFDen" or "The RF Den".

I would be interested in showing my room too at some point down the road.  Like a lot of collector's here though, a major cleaning would be in order first.
Thanks guys!  I have a nice list of participants going now. Will be in touch!

How about some more potential questions?
What was the inspiration for your game room/Who is the owner or your favorite game room (besides your own)

If your game room were an animal, what animal would it be?

Did you have any plans for your game room that turned out to be too ambitions or expensive to implement?

Someone hands you $100 and you HAVE to spend it on the game room (cannot buy games with it)  What do you buy?
@wildbil52:  These are great Bil!  Definitely incorporating these with some I already have.

I'm really happy with the response I have received regarding this idea. Should be a fun feature for the community!
I'm not going for a full game room, myself-- well, not yet, anyway-- but a cozy little spot I refer to as my "geek nook." The main idea behind my own little gaming corner is to fit as much vidya goodness as I can into as small a space as possible. It's a perpetual work in progress, but when I feel I have things reasonably nailed down, I'll be more than happy to show it off to y'all...
@Zagnorch: Love to see this "geek nook" amigo.  I'll jot your name down on my list.  And really the purpose of this project is not only To see game rooms, but the "areas" in which our members game and/or hold their collections.  My hope is that the term "game room" will fragment into different forms and that the way people personally display, store, and arrange things will inspire others.

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