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Posted on Jul 30th 2015 at 08:55:20 AM by (wildbil52)
Posted under Games, Competition

For this year's RetroWorld Expo, we wanted to have a good mix of games for our first year of tournaments.  We wanted to choose games that anyone could walk up and play, but also those that have a good enough following that we could see some really heated final matches.  We came up with 4 games from the 16 bit era that everyone can play but only few have mastered.

Game 1: Dr. Mario

The next time your Mom says, "You should have been a doctor," you can reply, "I am, kind of.."  Dr. Mario is easily accessible to just about any gamer.  A few years ago, one of the organizers of the RetroWorld Expo, Kris, held a challenge at one of his stores: beat him in a game of Dr. Mario and get a store credit at Retro Games Plus.  No one could beat the master.  This year, I hope to see him go far in this tournament.

Dr. Mario will be played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Game 2: Mortal Kombat II

This game hardly needs an introduction and I promise not to use any unnecessary "Ks" in this post.  We wanted a fighting game and the first game that came to mind was MKII.  I still remember the shockwaves this game caused when it hit the arcade scene, and here we are 22 years later, still playing Mortal Kombat games.

We will be playing Mortal Kombat II on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Game 3: NBA JAM Tournament Edition

It's hard to think of a game that I played with 4 people crowded around the TV more than NBA Jam TE.  I already had the 4 Player Adapter for the Genesis for my love of NHL Multiplayer sessions (foreshadowing), but I was also able to use it to to jump 30 feet in the air and set the rim ablaze.  Here is the kicker about our NBA JAM TE Tournament:  it's a 4 player tournament.  That's right, grab a friend and sign up as a team.  May the best team win

We will be playing NBA Jam TE on the Sega Genesis

Game 4: NHL 94

That's right, the final tournament of the day will be NHL 94.  We have visited many expos over the years and one of the interesting facts we keep hearing is that the only tournament that every player who signed up shows up for is NHL 94.  As a huge fan of hockey, the genre, and the game, I'm very happy to have NHL 94 headlining the event.

If you think you are the best NHL 94 player in the northeast, you have to come to RetroWorld Expo to prove it.

We will be playing NHL 94 on the Sega Genesis.

To see a full list of games and event times, head over to: http://retroworldexpo.com/schedule/. While you are there, check out our fantastic list of guests and panels, including RF Generation's own Collectorcast, and purchase tickets to the event. We hope to see you there!

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Excellent choice of games there for multi-player / tournament play.
Nice mix of games! Who wants in on NBA Jam with me?
@bickman2k: I'm your huckleberry. I'll have to get use to the Genesis controls in the meantime, but I'm a pretty mean Jammer.
I want to go to this, I will most likely get tickets soon.
Gotta practice up my Dr. Mario to see if I can give Kris a run for his money. I used to have some mad pill-flippin skillz. Might try my hand at MK II also. Really looking forward to this Smiley
We all know who picked NHL...
I expect Izret to dominate the MK II tourney. Don't let me down, Scorp.
I promise to be a huge let down.
I'm pretty atrocious, MKII was my least favorite (i believe it is viewed as the best among the hardcore skilled fighting community) and on top of that i favored Genny to SNES growing up so i am even less familiar with it lol

I don't think i've played SNES version in about a decade. Possibly more. And even then it was emulated on PC.

Maybe i'll try to brush up a bit between now and then.

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