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Posted on Nov 1st 2011 at 02:36:16 AM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under Halloween, Celebration

Happy Halloween everyone!

Enjoy the quick video I snapped of everyone doing the Time Warp at our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast. In case everyone's not aware, language may be NSFW. Enjoy your holiday!

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I'm taping, so I'm not dancing along. I had to sneak the video, after all Grin
Happy Halloween!
I celebrated by coming home from work, putting on a burgundy button-up polo shirt and khaki pants, and hanging out at the local Target, just to see if a shopper would ask me for help. I got one bite from this elderly woman, and since I was pretty familiar with the store's layout, I actually did help her out. I figured I should keep in character as much as possible. Besides, I felt a bit bad for her; I think she had a bit of a hare-lip. Then again, maybe it was just part of a very realistic and elaborate costume, who knows.

Next year I'm gonna wear black slacks with my shirt, and hang out at the local Toys R Us.
This year was my son's first door to door trick or treating. He was Buzz Lightyear and he picked me a very attractive Woody costume to wear......
My son was Captain America this year. EVERYONE kept saying "Hey! It's Captain America!". Every house, every door, all kinds of parents and kids. We saw one kid (as Buzz Lightyear) twice and both times he was amazed to see Captain America.
My wife was stunned to find out that I have never seen Rocky Horror.  I think we're watching it tonight.
Also, my 3 year old's first year trick-or-treating where she knew what she was doing and got excited.  We walked around the neighborhood for a few hours until we could no longer hold her heavy bag of candy and my canteen of bourbon ran out.  Good times.
@Shadow Kisuragi: dude! Use a better camera next time! lol Smiley
It was spur of the moment, and I was trying to be somewhat sneaky about it. I taped it blind, and had no idea if I was even taping everyone or not.
@Shadow Kisuragi: lol - love how you get defensive Wink in any case - it was a fun time!
OMG - I just realized Shadow that you got video of Dan dancing!!! 0_o

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