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Posted on Aug 8th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Playcast, Uncharted, playthrough, July, PS3, modern, PS4, Naughty Dog

Join RF Generation Playcast hosts, Rich (singlebanana), Shawn (GrayGhost81), Floyd (Fleach) and Steven (Disposed Hero), as we discuss our July playthrough, Uncharted, a third-person shooter originally released on the PS3.  In this episode, we discuss this early duck and cover, action experience that is mixed with climbing and puzzle elements.  With the most recent release of Uncharted 4, we compare the original to it's sequels and offer a verdict on whether Drake's Fortune offers enough quality gameplay for new players or those considering a revisit. Also, be sure to stick around for an important announcement at the end of the podcast. As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts on this games on our discussion page (linked below). We will respond to your comments and are always happy to discuss the game more. 

We hope you enjoy our show.  Please be sure to rate and write a review of the show on iTunes to help us increase our listenership. Thanks for the listen!

Episode 28 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=17295.0

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Posted on Aug 3rd 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Thanks, July, 2015, submitters, approvers

Summer is hot and this July was a scorcher in terms of submissions! During last month alone, we more than doubled our production in June (2,207) with an amazing 5,408 total submissions!!!!  The submissions for July included 5,272 game submissions (3,360 of which were images) and 136 hardware submissions. Top contributors for the month of July include:

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 100) for July were:
FatherJack             3,455   (Super Awesome!)
Schlibby                  541 
Sauza12                 448
Shadow Kisuragi   387

Amazing effort guys!!!   

Top approvers for the month included:
Tynstar                    3,102
Shadow Kisuragi   1,781

It looks like we had another very impressive month from some of our newer members. Fantastic work, and please, keep the submissions coming! Thanks to everyone who submitted or approved submissions this month. We couldn't have the best video gaming database on the internet without all of you.   

Posted on Jun 16th 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under playthrough, announcement, games, July, retro, modern, Playcast, 2015

This July, join the RF Generation Playthrough Group for some high octane action titles. On retro side, Fokakis79 hosts......hey, wait a minute.....what the???  Yes, some of you may recall that one of the prizes from the December 2014 Donation Drive included choosing and hosting a segment of our playthrough for a month. Fokakis79 has waited patiently for his turn at hosting, and he has chosen the classic Sega beat 'em ups, Golden Axe and Golden Axe II (available on the Genesis, and multiple Genesis collections on various consoles).  This series will be co-hosted by singlebanana. On the modern side, join host GrayGhost81 as he takes on an alien onslaught of Orks and the Forces of Chaos in the wildly epic, 3rd person shooter, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine available on the 360, PS3, Steam, and PC. 

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Posted on May 15th 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under playthrough, retro, modern, June, 2015, July, August, September, playthroughs

In May, we continue to rack our brains with some early RPG tactical warfare in Shining Force and we're still cutely platforming our way through Dreamland strand-by-strand in Kirby's Epic Yarn. This June, join Disposed Hero and singlebanana as we ratchet up the action with the Capcom classics, Mega Man 2 & 3 (NES/3DSVC & the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GC/PS2/XBox) for the retro playthrough.  On the modern side, fill your hands for an all out assault to save the galaxy in the original Mass Effect (360/PS3/PSN/Steam/PC) with your hosts Fleach and GrayGhost81.

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