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Posted on Feb 13th 2008 at 04:58:43 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Modern Gaming, EA, Red Alert, PC

It's possible that you may enjoy the Command and Conquer series. If you do, it's even more possible that you think that Red Alert is the best game in the series, like myself. Seriously, who didn't have fun playing as the Red Army, killing people with massive amounts of Tesla Coils and MiGs? Certainly, I did, it was a blast to play that game. Oh how better times have passed. Since that game was released EA has become an evil empire, and killed Westwood Studios. But fear not! I have good news! Red Alert 3 has been officially announced.

Unfortunately, not much is known at this time about the game, other than it has been announced via PC Gamer, but hopefully by the time March 4 hits, we'll know a bit more. Between this and a official release date for Spore, this has been a good day provided by the Evil Empire.

Red Alert 3 Announced in April 2008 issue of PC Gamer [PC Gamer, via Kotaku]

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Red Alert 2 is one of my favorite PC games. To bad this one will most likely suck. Thanks EA.
I have never played any of them.

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