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Posted on Mar 19th 2009 at 03:25:45 AM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Gamestop, Females, Fail

I'm well aware this is old news, but I wanted to post it anyways. So, last month, Gamestop had a promotion targeted at women titled "Sharpen the mind; shape the body", which was targeted at women. Basically, you get a free subscription to Oprah or some other magazine women would be interested in if you buy X amount of DS or Wii stuff. Obviously, GameStop's core market is not females, so GameStop's HQ sent out this pathetically sexist training video to all their stores, informing employees how to sell things to females.

If the video wasn't good enough for you, then check after the break for an (NSFW) version with some hilarious commentary.

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This is great. I didn't realize they made videos like these for their employees. It's funny how cheesy this vid is. Like when the girl slap's the employee and he bends over and pauses........priceless. =) I hope someone uses this approach on me during my next visit. It will be hysterical.
Wow. For some reason I missed the second video. Funny, I'm sure someone may do an even better version soon. Have you heard of the sharpen you brain & shape your body? Well, you should. You could lose a few pounds Lady! I can totally see someone getting offended with this approach. After the second video I noticed the promotional period is over. Why didn't anyone ask me about this wonderful promo. I would've jumped all over that Cosmo!!
Oh God I lol'd.

Retsupurae is awesome.
"First she was in a map store now she's in a barnes and noble. Women are so stupid they can't even find a gamestop."

That woman's accent is fucking annoying. It's like an American trying to sound "British", despite there being no such thing as a "British" accent.
Jesus that was sad. I wonder if any GS employees have tried that garbage on chicks like me that know what's what. If some dude would have tried to push those shitty rags on me I'd have broke his nose. Just for being a moron.
"Once they have enough experience to make the job class change."


But a question: do you really get approached by employees when you enter a game store in the U.S.? I'd find that so annoying. I want to take a look around without someone breathing down my neck.

Depends. If you're a teen or look like you know stuff, they leave you alone. If you come in and look lost, they ask you, etc.
All our videos are amongst the worst things known to mankind. They also all have the same actors and fake british lady. I need to start stealing those DVDs and putting them on Youtube.
@Wolfman Walt:

It happens mostly when people either look at everything or look like they have alot of $$ and no clue what they want.  I get asked it a few times but they tend to shy away when I start listing off more then 5 games I'm after.  I love chasing game store emps down for stuff.
Ah.....the scene at 6:22 explains a lot....
and the worst customer actress award goes tooooo...........woman with half-assed southern accent! congrats! instead of some generic trophy u get a case of generic beer and dip for that special-future-womanizer who's children you'll have. oh yea, u might wanna get to work on that Wii fit, it's not like, gonna play itself....
People always think i don't know what i am looking for since i go down every aisle looking for shit.
Then when i explain i own all the consoles they tend to just walk away...

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