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Posted on Dec 26th 2008 at 04:29:21 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Mad World, Sega, Platinum Games, Wii

Not everyone was able to see the trailer leaked earlier this year for Mad World.  With Platinum Games as the developer, Sega is not pulling any stops in this cell-shaded, black-and-white, highly stylized gorefest.  Better yet, it's for the Nintendo Wii.  It is refreshing seeing a bit more variety added to the console's lineup.  With that having been said, we present the new trailer on behalf of the mature Wii gamers out there, who had empty Wii libraries until edgy titles like No More Heroes satiated our bloodlust.


Not enough violence?
View the uncensored European version of the video after the break.


[SEGA America blog]
[official website]

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Funny how the uncensored version is called the "European" version. What's European about it?
Well, it was released for European Audiences. Therefore, it's intended market is Europe; ergo, European.
@TraderJake:Oh, ok.

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