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Posted on Jan 15th 2008 at 11:09:45 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Microsoft, Ninja Gaiden 2, Achievement Points, HELP

As we know, Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden series, are hard at work on a new Xbox 360 entry in the series entitled Ninja Gaiden 2. But making a game isn't easy. You have to figure out the gameplay mechanics, how it plays, the story, the character abilities, and all sorts of other things, including what achievements to include. Well, Team Ninja (by way of Microsoft's Gamerscore blog) is calling on fans to create some achievements that may be considered for use in the game.

That's right! They are giving you a chance to help shape the game and offer up your input as to what kind of things should get your those ever so important gamer points. In order to suggest them an achievement, all you need to do is comment on this article at the GamerScore blog with a name for the achievement point, a description, how many points it should be worth, and possible artwork by January 24. Then all you have to do is hope that your idea doesn't get lost in the sea of submitted ideas and makes it into the final game.

Looking at the comments over there, I've found some great ones. For example:

"Avatar - Insert game disk into 360 1000GS Wink " -DM2
"Achievement: The Master Returns - Turn the game on 50 times - 50GS" -TwilightWolf
"Paint It Red - Spill over 20 gallons of blood(20G)"  -Matt Jo
"Go Out and buy a Shuriken already - Play for over 20 hours(45G)" -Matt Jo
"Back to the Dojo (-5 GS): Die at the hands of the first enemy you encounter on Level 1. " -Whet Wurm
"50G - Chuck Norris is proud: Roundhouse kick a beheaded foe." -Yagya
"Red Ring of Destiny - Spill blood to make a red circle" -homez99
"Red Ring of Death: kill 8 people and one Xbox with one spin attack" -tim h

That's a few of the hundreds and hundreds of suggestions they have already. Here's a few I thought of:

Start Button Ninja: Pause the game 100 times (20G)
Angel of Death: Die 100 times in one level (30G)
Walk Away: Leave the game on the pause menu for 6 hours (20G)

Do you have any ideas for points Team Ninja could use in the game? Put them in the comments and we'll see who can come up with the best ideas.

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Get 25 kills with every weapon in the game: 25 points.
Miracle Worker: Get your 360 to work after it has bricked from overheating. Wink
Even though it's just making a few achievements, it's still a cool idea. I've always loved it when developers get the gamers in on some aspect of game creation. I mean, if you want to know what gamers want, why not ask them, right?
Itagaki made you his bitch - 0 points
For failing to beat the game without dying

Patience is it's own reward - 50 points
For not giving up after dying on the same boss 5 times in a row.

Master of faith - 5 points
For having faith this game would be still be made even after all the T&A games came out.

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