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Posted on Nov 12th 2007 at 02:29:56 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Smooth, Monotony, Guitar Hero, Wii, Oops

So, in between my Pavement Problems I've been playing Guitar Hero, but today I noticed something as I was up close to the game. Sound was only coming out of the center speaker of my sound system. Nothing in the subwoofer, rear, or front speakers, just the center speaker. I didn't think much of it, as my receiver does DSP, which I promptly turned on. How humorous then is it when Tondog sends me a link mentioning that the Wii version of Guitar Hero III was in fact shipped with only Mono Sound. For a game that touts the music, certainly this is a low blow, and this screw up should have been caught in the really stringent QA that I guess Activision really does not have. Here's to you, Activision. Charging $90 for a gimped product, I certainly hope that the money you saved on skipped QA time will cover the costs of this screw up.



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A patch is already in the making.
Is this the Wii version only?
looool nintendo is cheap.
@The Metamorphosing Leon:

And how is this? The console manufacturer has no QA control over the third party publishers. Certainly, the blame lies on Activision.
Thats rediculously lame.

I wonder if they are going to change the game itself for future purchasers or just make this "patch"
As far as I know, yes.
OK no worries then.
Wow, mono, I didn't even know that still existed laugh

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