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Posted on Nov 17th 2007 at 08:27:59 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Classic Gaming, Casio, Loopy, Japan, My Seal Computer, SV1000, for girls

Casio LoopyIn 1995 electronics giant, Casio, made a second unique venture in gaming, after their first failed attempt.  (ルーピー, Rupii) Loopy - My Seal Computer SV-1000 was the first game console marketed entirely towards young females.  Like the PV-1000, this console also failed to gain popularity; though it does have some curious features.  First off, there is only one controller port, limiting any possibility of two-player gaming.  Also, the console itself has a built-in "Seal" printer, or thermal sticker printer, that uses heat to burn an image onto chemically treated stickers.  This seal process is similar in function to the Game Boy Printer, but not in black-and-white.
Casio Loopy
The controller is quite simple with a single D-pad, a start button, and four buttons arranged in an arc to the right side.  The alternative peripheral was a mouse controller, which was sometimes bundled with one of two games.  The only other hardware items available for the Loopy were replacement Seal cartridges.

The Loopy game library is almost a joke in itself.  Casio published all 11 titles throughout the console's short two-year lifespan.  All games also tend to have the same themes.  Painting, dress-up/makeover, and romance stories are all that were offered.  The art programs make the most use of the Seal printer, and seem to have little value otherwise.  While the system claims uses 32-bit RISC processing, it appears technically unimpressive due to the nature of the software available.

Nothing gives a better impression of the Loopy than a look at the game offerings available.

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