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Posted on Jul 28th 2007 at 07:27:37 PM by (Mike Leon)
Posted under nerd news, cloverfield, batman, 360

Geeks, what is YOUR profession?!!!

Collecting movies, video games, and other pop culture crap people with lives don't have time to worry about.

That said, 300 comes out on DVD this Tuesday (7/31/07) in North America. I'll be buying the 2-disc special edition. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie should go buy it as well. You'll see first hand just how much of a man you can never be.

The Simpsons movie came out this week, as I'm sure you all know. I haven't seen it yet. I heard it was okay. Maybe after this, they can finally cancel the series and let it rest in peace. Seriously, when did The Simpsons jump the shark? Everyone stopped watching like 58 seasons ago.

The San Diego Comic Con has been running for the last 3 days and is sorta kinda wrapping up a little. There was a teaser for The Dark Knight which is reportedly about 45 seconds long and doesn't show any actual footage of the movie, just some artwork.

There was some Iron Man footage shown, but nothing really serious.

Of course, the biggest buzz is over the mysterious Cloverfield project, which still remains unnamed. There were four posters given away at the ComicCon, which bear the same image with 1 of 4 possible words scrawled across the top. This is what the poster looks like.


The rumor mills are spinning hard about an XBOX 360 price drop to compete with PS3. My psychic powers tell me it will happen. They also tell me Microsoft will deny the price drop up until the moment the tags are changed in the stores and possibly for some time after. Microsoft will also vehemently deny that the price drop has anything at all to do with the PS3's pricing, citing that they just wanted to make the console more affordable for purely humanitarian reasons, as they are dedicated solely to helping people world-wide.

Speaking of socialist lies, Kotaku is running a story about Chinese government regulations to limit the amount of time citizens play MMORPGs. Games that allow workers to simulate capitalist ideals? We can't have that! Chairman Mao would be proud.


Next they'll make everyone use the same average green gear.

They probably execute players who roll Paladins.

I could go on all day with this.

To Hell with it. I'm going to the McDonald's drive-thru. Eat that, you poor commie bastards.

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You are one sexy man leon.
China has been fighting internet addiction (10+ hours online daily, including MMOs) for a while now.  They even have open door clinics where you can still play a few games, get counseling, and walk out whenever you feel.  Internet addiction has become a problem over there because poor workers are finally earning a bit of cash here and there and their first big money purchase tends to be a PC. 

Now how is someone addicted to the internet?  Well, if losers have no friends, then the false premise of virtual friendship online seems like a good deal.  At least the government isn't being rough on restrictions as this isn't something severely detrimental to society like Russia's drinking and smoking habits.

I know gaming hasn't been considered addiction here, Stateside, but... I think there's a lot of people with depression, anxiety, or other social ills that families and friends won't know how to treat or cope with.
I know all about online gaming addictions. I played Evercrack on and off for a few years, and I play WoW currently. I agree that there is a strong addictive component to these games. Some of them seem to have been engineered from the ground up as if they were one of Skinner's operant conditioning experiments.

Recently though, I didn't play WoW for about 2 months because I was busy and, moreover, just tired of the game. At first I figured I was better off playing the game less or not at all. Then I started going crazy trying to fill my spare time with other activities. I was spending a lot of time reading and surfing the web, but you can only check the somethingawful forums so many times a day before you go crazy, and books are expensive when you read them quickly.

At some point you have to give these games credit where credit is due. They are fantastically cheap entertainment. For the price of two trips to the movie theater you get to play a whole month as much as you want.

In the scheme of things, you could say everyone is addicted to something; money, power, cocaine, whatever. The true test of your addictions is whether or not they are destructive to your life. When you start skipping school to honor farm The Eye of the Storm, or canceling your date with Amanda Hotass to raid the Molten Core you have a problem.

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