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Posted on May 18th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under news, Thank you, Playthrough, Shmup Club, submissions, May

We interrupt your regularly scheduled COVID-19 boredom to bring you the May 2020 edition of RF Generation's Site News! In this issue, we announce an awesome June Community Playthrough game for our monthly playthrough group...and our shoot 'em up club??, and of course, thank those members who sent in submissions to our site and registered approvals last month. Thanks for keeping it on Channel 3 and please keep you and your loved ones SAFE!     

REMEMBER: If you have any news about upcoming events or topics that you think the site needs to hear about, please PM singlebanana and put "RFG Site News" in the subject line.  Who knows, maybe your news will make our front page!



This June, the Playcast and the Shoot the Corecast come together to play the same game and unite to form SHOOTASTATOR!! The singlebanana, GrayGhost81, MetalFRO, and Addicted combine forces with their Capcom friends and the World Union of Peace to battle evil terrorist robots who plot total world annihilation in Psikyo's Cannon Spike for the Sega Dreamcast. In this multi-directional, arcade-style shooter, you play as some of your favorite Capcom heroes (and a few less notable ones...), as you frantically plow through hordes of metallic enemies; their are also some sweet unlockables....including more notable Capcom characters. The action is intense and fast-paced, so GET READY to lock on and stay mobile!

As an added bonus, the Playcast and Corecast will also join each other for their monthly podcast. This is definitely a playthrough and podcast that you will not want to miss!

If you're playing Cannon Spike along with us, be sure to join our joint forum HERE and chat with us about the game.



In April, site members contributed a total of 641 submissions to our database. Of these additions, 622 were game submissions and 19 were related to hardware items. Of this total, 134 contributions were new images and 127 of these images were game submissions. A big thanks to all who submitted items to our database and to those who reviewed them all for the month of April! We appreciate your efforts in making our database and community a great tool for our users.

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 50) for April 2020 were:

Schlibby                               240
Bear78                                 140

Thanks for another great month! 

Top approvers for the month included:

Schlibby                                175
Great work!

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