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Posted on Oct 18th 2007 at 08:28:04 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Nintendo, Famicom, Family Computer, Classic Gaming, end

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is ending official repairs of the original "Family Computer" on October 31, 2007.  Originally released in 1983, the Famicom was Nintendo's first venture into the home console gaming market.  While many of us are surprised that they still support a system so long dead (the last game was Adventure Island 4, in 1994), all that can be said is that you can't expect them to support it forever.  By comparison Sega of Japan quit servicing Dreamcast units last year, even though they continue to sell new Dreamcast games through Sega Direct.  After ten years of discontinuation of a system, the semiconductors required for replacement parts become difficult to find and purchase in quantities that have a guaranteed availability.

The Famicom isn't alone.  The Super Famicom, Nintendo64, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Light are also slated to end repair service support in the near future.

It isn't all doom and gloom for gamers.  The Wii Virtual Console service offers the same games on the Wii and should free up use on aging hardware for at least the more popular titles.

So long Famicom, and farewell.

Source: ITmedia News

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Shit, I figured they would have quit supporting this YEARS ago.  I didn't know they were stil supporting this.  How did you find this out?  On another note what the hell are you doing posting at 3 in the morning?
Did they stop making these a few years back? Rather amazing they supported it for so long.
He has no life.
@Tondog: *cough*


I noticed Nintendo had repair information on their site for older consoles but the links just said to call a number or email them. They never answer emails from me.

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