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Posted on Apr 9th 2009 at 02:55:02 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under OH NOOOO!, Whoops, Ecstasy, GTA

Oh, hello OH NOOOO! Otter. I've missed you so much. Has your need gone away, or have I been lazy? You decide. I'll report.

You know, GTA is a series that tends to be heavy on the mature themes, and in addition to cold blooded murder and sex, there's also the drugs. Generally, all those things exist in the virtual world only, and you get your virtual kicks. But, wouldn't it be interesting if Rockstar gave you a trinket for buying the game? Nah, it wouldn't be good, sex, murder, and drugs are bad, and best should be virtual. Here's for keeping those things virtual.

Well, turns out that when you buy used copies of GTA you increase your chances of having GTA become slightly more real for you. See, if you live in Britain, you have a chance apparently of buying a used pair of GTA games with Ecstasy tables stuffed in one of the game's manual. I bet that could be lucrative on the market, but, drugs are bad, and you should definitely turn them into the authorities.

So, the better question is will some evil British Politician use this story to tie games and drugs? Do playing games like GTA make you do drugs? Well, if you find the right politician, I bet you'll find out adept enough to contort the facts to reflect that. Will it happen with this case? Who knows, but we'll keep tracking this story for developments, because, you never know if games might make you do drugs. Just remember, drugs are bad, even if you do find Ecstasy in your case.

Report: Dad Finds Ecstasy Tablets in Used Copy of Grand Theft Auto [Game Politics]

*NOTE: Drugs really are bad. Don't do them.

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Lol, ecstacy in a copy of GTA4, who would be so stupid to leave that there? (Or to put it in a game in the first place) Tongue
Heh heh heh...
Someone was probably pretty pissed to remember after the fact that they had pills in that game.
hehehe class
LMAO. That's crazy.

@Izret101: Yep, I'm sure they are kicking themselves in the butt now. Ah, dang that's where I put them! lol

@Sirgin: I'm not sure, but it does make a great story. =)
@Sirgin: If you have ever met a person actively using drugs you wouldn't believe the places they will store/hide drugs.
Both openly and hidden.
See, if you live in Britain, you have a chance apparently of buying a used pair of GTA games with Ecstasy tables stuffed in one of the game's manual.

D@mn, that's a really small freakin' table.

Or do you mean a row-and-column reference-guide kind of table that lets you know the general effects of taking particular dosages of "E" over certain periods of time? :p

Is it a normal occurrence for you to look through two year old blog posts for typos? Cheesy

Is it a normal occurrence for you to look through two year old blog posts for typos?

Sure, why the #ell not.

It's not like I have anything better to do.

Just think of me as RFG's resident smart@$$...

Actually, I paid absolutely NO attention to the year of the posting date. I seriously thought the blog entry was just a week old when I submitted my snide comments.

Maybe I should be doin' fewer drugs myself, hmmm?

[quote]Just think of me as RFG's resident smart@$$...[/quote]
I could be mistaken but I believe the position has already been filled by one of the Leon twins.
@Fuyukaze: That would explain why he's maligned...

Man, talk about topic drift...

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