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Posted on Jun 10th 2010 at 02:22:43 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Pain Yourself With Submissions 2010, Pain Yourself With Submissions Contest, 2010, Birthday Celebration

The results are in, and a winner has been drawn in the second part of the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS 2010 contest! But first, you're probably wondering if aeroc went with the $60 of gaming swag and RF Generation T-shirt, or two chances into the drawing for the custom Sega Genesis prize pack. Well, he went with the first prize! Congrats again aeroc, your swag is on its way!

And now, for the second prize, that beautiful Sega Genesis and bunch of games! For this prize, each of the five finalists were given a number 1-5, and each of those numbers were written on equal sizes of paper. Those pieces of papers were folded twice, mixed up, and then placed into a box and shaken again. Finally, a blind draw pulled out one of those pieces of paper. And that piece of paper contained the number 4, which matched up with the name of the member that won, dom meatball!
Congratulations dom meatball, please PM your address and your prize pack will be on your doorstep in a couple days!

If you're disappointed you didn't win this year, well then its a good thing we hold this contest every year, because that means you can win next year!
And remember, your contributions are greatly appreciated year round, so don't be afraid to be the top submitter each month, even if you don't win a prize, you'll gain the respect and admiration of your fellow RF Generation members.

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Grats, dudes.  That was a heck of a run.
Congrats, dom meatball!
Good job everyone!
Cool beans, thanks.

pm will be on the way.
Grats Dom!
Nice work Dom Smiley
Well done dom meatball.

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