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Posted on Jul 15th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (bickman2k)
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Name(First only):




Where does your screen name come from?

When my brother was about 2 years old (1994) he combined Dougie and Douglas and called me Douglie, so I kept it. The 007 was because I needed a number when I forgot my password on my Yahoo mail back in 1997.

How did you find RFG?

I was told it was in the works at the CinciClassics in 2001. About 3 years later I was searching for a place to list all my games.

What made you stay and become part of RFG?

The community is a great bunch of people.  And I can add all the missing games without too much fuss.

Have you ever met or personally know anyone at RFG?

I have sent some of my friends to it. Most are not active anymore, but I knew Lord Nepenthean. He came to Game Swap, a store I worked at from 2001-2005 and he was the one that told me about the site at CinciClassics.  TurboGrafxer is also someone that came to the store I worked at.  I hope to meet more of you sooner or later. Editor's note: RetroWorld Expo isn't too far away!

Number of Games Owned(at time of printing):

7577 not counting digital games. That might add another 400+ but, we all know you don't own them. Smiley

Number of Games on Wishlist(at time of printing):

Right now I only have 4, but I will take any game that I don’t have.

Number of Systems:

If you count dedicated systems and doubles I have over 200.  If you only would count one per console (IE Genesis 1, 2, 3 and Nomad is 1) I have around 90.

When did you start collecting?

I started back in 1999. At that time, I was just not selling anything. I got crazy collecting around 2002 trying to get all the Sega Games… That finished in 2013.

What was your first system you owned?

I got a hand me down Atari 2600 back in 1987... because I asked for an NES…

What was your first game?

The system had Combat, Pac-Man, Journey Escape, Haunted House, Dragster, Frogger, Berzerker and Pitfall.

What was your first game you bought yourself?

I bought the Genesis with Sonic for my first game/system I paid for. It was in layaway for 7 weeks as I did yard work to pay it off. It was 149.99 at the time. I still have it in the box.

What made you decide to buy that particular game?

I fell for the SEGA Scream…

First game you ever beat?

I think it was Super Mario Brothers at a neighbor's house. I made sure the people I hung out with had the systems I didn't have when I was a kid.

Have you ever broken anything due to frustration from a game? Be honest, we won't tell…

I don’t think I did. I know the Journey Escape was just the PCB from the previous owner throwing it against the wall.

Are you collecting now, if so what anything specific?

My collecting has slowed down, but I am always looking for PS1 games and imports of any system at a good price. I am working on trying to get all my systems to RGB quality at the moment.

When did you feel a tipping point from gamer to both gamer and game collector?

It was when I started working at the game store in 2001. I was always helping people find NES games and I thought it was silly no one was collecting Sega.. So I went crazy, spending almost half my check a week on games, and I got them at half price at the time, or better if the owner was feeling kind. I got Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga CIB for $35 total!

What are your goals as a game collector, how have you developed them, and how do you feel about your progress toward them?

My long term goal is to get my collection of games over the world record holder.
How many games, systems, etc. are "enough"?

When I can't find a place to store them in my house.

What's your proudest moment as a game collector?

When I got my Neo Geo AES.

What's your least proud moment as a game collector?

When I found out my brother stole and sold some of my rare games.

If you had to give part of your collection away for a worthy cause what part would it be, and why?

That's a hard question. I think I would be happy to give away all my double systems, accessories and extra games. That would be about 50 systems and well over 400 games. I am lazy about trading. Tongue 

Where/how do you store it all?

I have a ranch style home with a full size basement, any game that is before Wii U is in the basement and newer games are upstairs.

What's your favorite part of your collection?

Larger items, like the Neo Geo MVS, PS1 Kiosk, and Sega Case.

What about a favorite series?

I think I will have to stick with the Shining Force series.

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to gaming?

Playing hacks on my Everdrives.

What is the most valuable part of your collection(Value or sentimental)?

Most sentimental would be my ASCII Grip controller for the PS1… I bought it for my brother after he lost control of one of his arms from cancer.  He was stuck in bed dying, and wanted to play something, so I ordered him one online, and he played Ogre Battle on a PSone with a screen until he died.

What game do you have the most nostalgia for?

Columns. So many hours of playing that with my everyone when I was younger.

What would you like to improve in your collection?

Get better shelving.  I hate having to double or triple up games on book shelves.  I would love to make some sliding shelves to get my games nice and organized.

What do you think was your best deal while game buying?

I bought a bin full of random gaming wires from someone for $30 and in the bottom was a CIB Space Adventure for the Sega CD. 

What item in your collection do you feel you overpaid for?

It would have to be Buster Douglas Boxing for the SMS, I paid $200 for one missing the manual. And I already had George Foreman. That was the same game in EU.

What do you feel is the strangest or weirdest item in your collection?

I would have to say the Activator for the Genesis, just useless. Tongue

What item(s) do you not have in your collection that people are surprised to hear you don't have?

People know I collect, and they are always surprised that I don’t have the newest games… They don't know you never pay full price as a collector.

Is there any way you'd ever stop collecting?

I think if my daughters grow up and they don't have any interest in keeping or playing the games, I will just sell the entire collection except one of each system and a flash card per system. 

Do you have a funny story about your collection?

Its just great to see people's faces the first time they see my collection. Always priceless.  I had one friend say, “I don't even like games but I thinks I just had an orgasm.”   

Have you ever had to move your collection to another house? What was it like?

Yes I had a 24 foot long rental truck full of just my games, and it still took a second trip to finish.

It sucks, period. If your significant other told you no more games, what would you do?

If it's no more games just because she doesn’t like them, that's one thing, but if it's for because we need money or ran out of space, that's another. I would understand the 2nd, but the first, to the moon Alice!

What percentage of your games are still sealed?

I have maybe less than 1% (around 70-ish).
What percentage of your games have you actually played? Completed?

Maybe around 3% of them.  I am going through and trying to play every game I own, at least for a few minutes if it sucks.

Do you own any complete collections?

Yes, Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn (-Daytona Netlink), Dreamcast, Game Gear, PICO, and I thought I had a complete Game.com collection but it looks like I’m missing Monopoly. I do have some subsets complete. I have all the PS1 Longbox games, PS1 Guncon games, PS1 RPGs, and all the NES Classic games on the GBA.  I need 3 games to finish all the Tengen NES games.

Time to bring out the fanboys! What is your favorite game of all time?

I would have to go with Frogger, I find myself playing it anytime I see it.

I don't think he's talking about this one...

Least Favorite?

I have say most sport games that try to be realistic. If I need to choose one, John Madden 93.

Do you collect anything else besides games?

Hot Wheels based from games

What do you outside of games?

I like to hike and play Frisbee golf. 

What other features would you like to see more of at RFG?

Add a place for walk-through guides, even if it's just another check box at the end of the game. And a way to submit games and photos with the app.

MetalFro, the previous interviewee, asked, "What one game you really love (or is very rare/expensive) would you gladly give up, if it meant you could save someone’s life?"

Spiderman Web of Fire. It's rare, but sucks. Smiley

Thanks for your time!

Since I've done a fair number of these interviews at this point with pretty much the same questions, I thought I would open it up to the rest of you. At the very end of each interview, I ask the current person to ask the next person a question without knowing who it will be about. I'd like to possibly expand this to the community in a couple of possible ways. Either by having questions from the comments for the next interviewee or by having a set of questions to choose from for a future interview.

Do you have a question you'd like answered that you're not seeing? Anything you'd like expanded upon? Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a PM, or let me know whichever way you'd like!

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Space Adventure in a box of cables is so awesome, lol
Great job, once again.  I love reading these.  Keep up the good work.
The "never pay full price" part is so true.  I get that a lot of friends, as they basically follow the traditional cycle of buying the newest game, playing it to death, then trading it in when they get the next one.  Any game (that I really want, anyway), will eventually go down in price if I am patient enough (I'm looking at you, 1st party Nintendo games).

It's also good to see another soul trying to annihilate his gaming backlog, although I give sucky games more than a few minutes.  I call it, "The Three Hour Tour," mainly because there are so many modern-ish games that take a while to get used to.  I guess not every game needs that treatment, though.  Infiltrator for NES comes to mind.  Every minute less I could have not played that game would have been a victory in itself.
I enjoy reading these and getting to know everyone. It sounds like a great collection, and sorry for the loss of your brother.
@Duke.Togo Thanks, he is missed.  I think a lot of my collection was from remembering playing the games with him when we were younger. We did have a lot of systems, but we rented the systems we didnt have to play them IE 3DO, Neo Geo, and SNES at the time.  We where lucky to have a local rental store that bought everything and rented everything (Video Gallery ). My genesis controller I use mostly has its name and number carved in it. 

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