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Posted on Aug 20th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (slackur)
Posted under Physical Oddites, rare, uncommon, Soedesco, Limited Run Games, Nighthawk Interactive

RFGeneration is my favorite Internet site, for many reasons.  The excellent community, the best collection tools available, the great articles, the many podcasts I never have enough time to listen to (sorry!), and of course the Silent Service appreciation.  The few bits of time here and there I have on the web are often happily spent here.

But good is the enemy of better, and so I humbly submit a new forum I hope will help out other collectors/gamers.  The reasons are twofold.  First, for collectors like me who are much more interested in owning a physical copy of a game that is primarily a digitally distributed release.  Almost every new game that has a physical release is also available digitally.  But there are several games that have a primarily digital distribution, and then get a very small, very quiet physical print run.  These are usually only available at one or a few retailers.  In many cases, the physical version is only available in one or two regions (often Europe or Asia) but have translated menu options. 

A few publishers such as Soedesco, Rising Star, and Nighthawk Interactive are specializing in these.  But these games can still be tough to track down as the release channels are limited.  I can list Limited Run games and updates if folks desire them, but given their extremely limited (and pricey) availability, I'll only add those if folks want 'em.  Same with Kickstarter, Indiebox, and Iam8bit exclusives; those rascals can be really tough to come by if you miss the initial wave, and then it becomes that Stadium Events you keep on the want list because, well, you do still want it.

The second reason for this rare physical copy forum is for us gamers who have a recent system (360, PS3, PSP, XBox One, PS4, Wii U, Vita, and the 3DS,) and are tired of retro elitists always claiming there's no innovation or new game ideas out there.  Hey, don't get me wrong; I've been gaming and collecting since the ol' C64, so I'm a big big retro fan.  But there are a ton of newer games that aren't just about headshots and sports scores, and many of them fit neatly into this listing.  Indies, oddball releases, shmups, visual novels, "walking simulators" and interesting ideas that didn't get or even need AAA treatment (and price) often find themselves in this category.  Again, the purpose is to hold up uncommon and unknown finds that gamers and collectors may easily miss.   

Which is where you come in, and why I'm tossing this on the front page as a PSA: RFGeneration is made by, and maintained by, us gamers and collectors.  We look out for each other and while I'll always appreciate and participate in the retro love, today's hidden gems are tomorrow's retro tough-to-finds.  I reckon' there will be titles in here you've never heard of, games you never knew you wanted, and hopefully a hole or two you can fill in. 

I'll be trying to keep the first page as the list of games, and as the thread unspools, I'll try to keep editing and adding.  And later, if we want to branch off into separate listings for, say, shmups, visual novels, or any category that has enough interest to generate another forum, we can add/split that off as well.
I hope this serves as a worthwhile resource for us physical media collecting RFGenerators and, um, the rest of those unwashed heathen gamer/collectors.


Here's the link:

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This is great.  Love the Physical, down with Digital.  Where are you Crabby?
I am also in the same boat, I dont have a physical copy of the game, I dont own it.

Great idea! There's been lots of incredible digital-only games that really deserve nice physical disc treatments, and this is a good way to keep track of the ones that do.
Thanks!  I knew I wasn't the only one wanting a list like this...
I support this, as digital distribution is becoming harder and harder to avoid.  And I am willing to go to great lengths to avoid using digital platforms.

A few suggestions:
1) A section to list games which got physical releases, but were released in an unplayable state without downloading a patch.  "Half-digital" examples include Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 (on-disc content ends after tutorial)
2) List language options.  ATM, it's not clear which games have English language options and which do not.
@Raidou:Great suggestions! I'll work on implementing those.
as a strictly PC gamer, a large part of my collection is digital. But I still pick up old physical PC games at yard sales or thrift shops, and I still pick up cool collector's editions and what have you for modern PC games. So this is cool with me.

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