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Posted on Dec 22nd 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
Posted under Playstation, Racing, Sony, Dualshock

Since it is Christmas time, I figured I would review one of the games that I have the fondest holiday memories of. December 25th, 1997 was the Christmas that I received my first PlayStation, and with it a few games. In my possession at the time was a demo disk, WCW/NWO Thunder, and Jet Moto. While I was a huge wrestling fan, Thunder SUCKED (I'll do a review some other time), so I was left to spend my Christmas playing a game I had not even heard of up until that moment.

Jet Moto is a futuristic racing game, where riders fly around the track on jet bikes at high speeds. The racing is part motocross, with tricks and typical bike handling, and part Wipeout, with grapples and floaty physics. Players begin by picking a sponsored racer (by Mountain Dew, Butterfinger, or the like no less!) and then their desired mode. All the standard racing modes are present: Vs., practice, and championship all are present and do the usual things.

There are 10 tracks in all for you to race on, with 3 being unlocked from the beginning. A variety of ascetics of beaches, swamps , and ice all make for some interesting designs. A few "suicide" courses also exist, with the riders going back and forth to complete checkpoints into oncoming traffic. Most of the tracks feel fresh and interesting, with a few being a little too tight for comfort.

Musically, Jet Moto leaves a bit to be desired. With only a handful of music tracks, it is unsurprising that not all of them are very good. Only the theme for "Nightmare" is really worth listening to. All of it has that early PS1 not-quite CD quality to it and loops pretty quickly. Sound effects also dont stray too far from the realm of the poor. Engine noises sound ok, but collisions and rider "grunts" are awful. The turbo noise starts to get really old as well.

Graphics are pretty typical for early PS1 as well. I find the game runs at a pretty steady pace most of the time, but like all of the 3D games of that time, clipping, pop-ins, and draw distance are all pretty bad. textures are also pretty offensive, especially on the swamp and snow courses. Jagged edges sometimes make obstacles difficult to tell apart from the ground.

Through all of it's technical failings, Jet Moto hits one part right: fun. The game feels satisfying and fast, and the bike handles exactly as you want it to once you get the hang of it. Most of the tracks are a blast to fly through, and coming in first and unlocking new ones is easy enough to allow for progression, but hard enough to make it feel rewarding.

Overall, Jet Moto was a fine introduction into the PlayStation library for 7 year-old me, but the true love for the library came with much better games. Still, Jet Moto is one of those games I keep going back to every now and again when I want a nostalgia hit.

Have a wonderful holiday season and let me know what old holiday games you still go back to!

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I recently booted up the first Jet Moto and found it lived better in my memories. The game has not aged well but I can still see hints of why I liked it. As far as Holiday games I still go back to go:

1. SSX series - I played a lot of this series especially SSX 3 during the holiday.

2. Winter Heat - There's just something about this title.

3. Ice Climber - I received this as a gift from a long departed Grandmother.

4. Halo CE - I received an Original Xbox for Christmas around the time Splinter Cell came out. A friend let me borrow this game over winter break and it was and still is great fun.

5. Wing Commander III - I received the Premier Edition direct from Origin.  I played the s**t out of this game and recently fired up the PS1 version.
I never seriously played Jet Moto, but I do remember the racing being pretty smooth, and it generally felt pretty good racing around the tracks.  I would be curious to see this played on the epsxe or PCSX emulator on PC with filtering turned on.  I can tell you that Jet Moto 3 looks pretty dang good played that way. 

As for me, GTA3 was always a big holiday game for me, but lately I tend to just play whatever me or my son get for Christmas.  Last year it was the Coleco Plug n Play, and despite what people said I had a lot of fun with it.  Played through hours of Pepper II, I did.  Who know this year.  My boy is getting a Switch, so I might have to take over his Wii U and play me some Breath of the Wild, which I did have fun with despite not agreeing with the general consensus on how it compares to other open-world games of the same type.

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