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Posted on Jun 16th 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
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This July, join the RF Generation Playthrough Group for some high octane action titles. On retro side, Fokakis79 hosts......hey, wait a minute.....what the???  Yes, some of you may recall that one of the prizes from the December 2014 Donation Drive included choosing and hosting a segment of our playthrough for a month. Fokakis79 has waited patiently for his turn at hosting, and he has chosen the classic Sega beat 'em ups, Golden Axe and Golden Axe II (available on the Genesis, and multiple Genesis collections on various consoles).  This series will be co-hosted by singlebanana. On the modern side, join host GrayGhost81 as he takes on an alien onslaught of Orks and the Forces of Chaos in the wildly epic, 3rd person shooter, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine available on the 360, PS3, Steam, and PC. 

The Golden Axe games are a Genesis classic, and were (and still are) some of the more popular side-scrolling, beat 'em up titles for this classic system.  Along with the Streets of Rage series, old fans and new collectors alike, tend to include these titles near the top of their initial wishlist to seek out. In Golden Axe and Golden Axe II, choose from the classic characters, such as Ax Battler (the claymore wielding barbarian), Tyrus Flare (the fiery Amazonian), and Gilius Thunderhead (the Golden Axe wielding dwarf).  Each character is balanced differently in regards to their attack and magical powers, and each commands a different element of magic; you must use all of these abilities wisely to finish the games. The Golden Axe games are fun and exciting, but are much more fun if played with a friend. We encourage all of you to try and recruit a buddy (or loved one) next month and post some fun pics of you playing on the thread.   
Golden Axe Discussion Thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=15804.0

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a 3rd person shooter that uses both melee and ranged tactics. You play as a squad of Ultramarines headed by Captain Titus and are accompanied by subordinates, Veteran Sergeant Sidonus and greenhorn Tactical Marine Leandros.  The planet, Forge World Graia (devoted to military production) has been invaded by alien Orks and the Forces of Chaos it's up to you and your squad to liberate it.  Though the plot seems simple on the surface, several twists and turns are unveiled that will grab hold you and keep you drawn into the game.  So join us on the modern side this month for what is sure to be some action-packed, balls-to-the-wall, runnin' and gunnin' gaming. 

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Discussion Thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=15806.0

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Great choices, guys!  The Golden Axe games are, of course, classics (although, IMHO, the less said about Beast Rider the better) and I really liked Space Marine.  Shame we never got a sequel to the latter; it feels like a prequel setting up a much more massive game, and of course if you are familiar to the source material you know that's exactly true.  Fun times!
I actually own both GA games on cart, as well as having them on the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, so I think I'm in for this one.  Should be relatively short games to go through, though with the challenge, they won't be easy to take down!
@MetalFRO:  I thought this was a good choice of games by Fokakis79. It's a perfect no-brainer, beat 'em up for those lazy summer days. With some many people going on vacation (myself included), it seemed like a nice fit. Hopefully, we will see some couch co-op pics in the thread. Grab a friend next month and beat some a@#!
One of my favorite pics for GoTM.  Seriously.
I'm interested to hit Golden Axe again, but I do suck badly at it.

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