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Posted on Feb 22nd 2012 at 12:09:29 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under PS2 Database, Region Fixes, Chaos, Disorder, My Work Here is Done

When RFGeneration was first established, all entries were originally submitted per supported region - North America, Europe, and Japan. These older entries have not been a large problem for North America and Japan. However, as many European collectors are aware, there are MANY regional variations for software in Europe.

Before the outage, I was working on an ambitious project: fixing the regions for the European PS2 database. A majority of European PS2 releases are not Regionwide, and in fact usually have packaging clearly marked for their supported regions/languages. This makes them a great first step towards slowly removing the erroneous Regionwide releases we have in our database. I had addressed 95% of the titles in the database and was slowly working towards adding new regional releases to the database when the outage occurred, which meant that all of my work was lost.

This, unfortunately, means I'm back where I started. Fortunately, Bildtstar and Sirgin were quite helpful in providing scans and helping me update a majority of the database previously, which was a great help at the time. Their scans were recovered and the appropriate entries modified/added, which gives me a decent headstart into this project.

What does this mean for European PS2 collectors?

This, unfortunately, means that you'll likely have to audit and update your collections. Many of the releases already had regional information tied to them without reflecting the appropriate region, and were subsequently updated. Other releases did not have enough information to properly update and were subsequently deleted. Where there was once a Europe (Regionwide) title may now be a Spain or Netherlands title because of the information previously supplied.

If you notice something in your collection doesn't match the information for any current entries in the database, please submit a new regional variation for it here! If you need help figuring out what the variation should be, please post in the Announcements/Feedback Forum.

Regional Guidelines for PlayStation 2 Software
- Information will be taken from the back of the box. We will not accept any submissions without a proper region or UPC. Please specify the region based on the country flag on the back of the box. If there is no country flag, the languages should be the determining factor. DO NOT USE THE QUICKSTART COUNTRIES AS A REFERENCE.

Countries to specify for languages:
- Danish (Denmark)
- Dutch (Netherlands)
- English (United Kingdom)
- Finnish (Finland)
- French (France)
- Greek (Greece)
- Hungarian (Hungary)
- Italian (Italy)
- Norweigian (Norway)
- Polish (Poland)
- Portuguese (Portugal)
- Russian (Russia)
- Slovak (Slovakia)
- Spanish (Spain)
- Swedish (Sweden)

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Whoa...that's going to be fun X.X

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