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Posted on Mar 19th 2009 at 01:08:27 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Awesome, Mega Man


You know, Mega Man 2 is fantastic. Absolutely and completely fantastic. Well, there is this video of Mega Man 2.5D. Doesn't it look amazing? Too bad Capcom isn't the one developing it. If only they'd let this development continue to completion. Have a blind eye, just like Nintendo did for Mother 3.

Posted on Mar 17th 2009 at 10:33:22 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Drinking, St Pattys Day, Video Games

Well, today is St. Patrick's Day. It's a lovely day, really, and regardless of if you're Irish or not it is a fantastic excuse to get drunk, provided of course you're of the legal age. We at RF Generation want you to know that underage drinking is bad, and if you do it beware the consequences. Anyways, hit the jump if you want to delve further into my aside.

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Posted on Nov 15th 2008 at 05:50:19 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Collecting, Random, Internet, Collection, Thoughts

Collecting without the Internet

Imagine with me if you will, a world without the internet. I'm sure some of you remember this world quite vividly, others could never imagine such a thing. I was fortunate enough to remember what it was like not having the Internet, anyone else remember cutting up old magazine pictures for school reports? Or hand writing everything? Well I'm getting a little off topic now, but you get the idea.

I started writing this to allow you all to imagine game collecting without the use and help of the internet. Some of you rely completely on the Internet to get your games through the usual sites, while others (like myself) buy completely from the "wild" as it's now called. But just from the simple fact that you are reading this people proves that we all use to Internet somewhat in our collecting ways.

Maybe you just use this wonderful site to track your games and occasionally chat with others, or maybe you use the internet to its fullest extent and get every piece of information you can find on a game before you buy it.

This blog doesn't really have a point, I was just thinking of how different my collecting habits would be without the internet. Maybe you would like to explain how your collecting life would be different? Or maybe the thought of not having an Internet makes you want to curl up in a ball in the corner of the room, and you don't want to think about it anymore.

I don't rely on the Internet a whole lot in my collecting ways, I don't buy from the Internet and I still keep offline collection lists. I would probably still be buying a lot of the same stuff, but it just wouldn't be as much fun. Without my printed checklists, I wouldn't know which games I had left to buy, or which ones were considered rare. I would have no idea what a game was worth and without the huge audiences of Internet stores/auctions, a lot of stuff just wouldn't be worth nearly as much. Plus, I would have no idea there are thousands of other people who collect old games and I would never get to show off my awesome collection.

Posted on Nov 9th 2008 at 04:16:23 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Collecting, Opinions, Playing, Random

I was about to post this in the Collection Diary, but it was getting kind of long and off topic for that, so I decided to make it a blog post instead.

Anyway, here's the situation: my parents had a "card party" last night, which included 4 of my cousins, two around the age of 10 and two closer to my age. Me and the older ones get along great and we were playing Guitar Hero III, but then the younger ones wanted to play also, and kept "trash talking" us saying they were better and we were playing too slow. So I hooked up a spare PS2 and another guitar with Guitar Hero II on another TV for them. They got bored with it after 5 minutes, and then wanted to play Duck Hunt, so I set up an NES with that. At this point I was tired of listening to them, so I left to play cards with everyone else, but every 5 minutes they were coming to me asking me if they could play the Wii. I told them "No" every time. So a few hours later I go back up to find the youngest playing World of Goo on my Wii  grrr

I don't mind them playing my games, as long as I set them up because I simply don't want them breaking something. It's bad enough when they're tripping over cords and stepping on guitars, but it really irks me when they go against my permission and start playing something I don't want them to.

It seems like every time they come over and play my games, I have bitter feelings about it. On one hand, I know they're just games and they're meant to be played, but on the other hand, they're mine and I don't like others going through them and playing whatever they want. To a very small degree, I have a similar feeling as when someone gets robbed, how they just feel violated that someone touched their stuff without permission.

And I think the worst part of it is, that they have no respect for not only other people's stuff, but for the games themselves. They see most of my collection as "old junk" and think it's worthless and don't care about it whatsoever. They just don't understand how a 20 something year old boxing game is worth more than their precious Rock Band.

So, now I'm thinking of banning them from my game room altogether. I don't really want to, but I really don't want something to break either.

Now, this wasn't supposed to be just a rant, I want to get your opinion on how other collectors feel about other people touching your stuff. So give the world your opinions on how you feel about friends/family members playing your collection.

Posted on Oct 17th 2008 at 04:28:13 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under RFG Aside, Mega Man, Awesomesauce, Pure Awesome, Random

Remember when David posted an awesome version of the Mega Man 3 theme with added lyrics? Well, the same guy who made that did another song. This time he takes the theme to the first stage of Dr. Wily's castle in Mega Man 2 and adds some lyrical awesomesauce on top of it.

I especially liked his short reviews of Mega Man 2-7 and the Guy Smiley reference.

Is it as good as the last one? Have your say in the comments!

Posted on Oct 10th 2008 at 01:22:36 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under RFG Aside, Mega Man, Awesomesauce. Pure Awesome, Random

Well, here is a treat, it's the Mega Man 3 theme, with lyrics. I was a bit skeptical when I decided to listen to it, but after listening to it, I am very pleased with what the singer has done:

Isn't that awesome? I sure thought so. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Posted on Feb 5th 2008 at 02:21:07 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Music, Gems

Some things seem to get lost in the woodwork when it comes to games. Clever things, hidden, or things plainly out in the open that are simply glossed over. Today, I found something that I'd call a gem. It comes from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a game with a lot of expectations which depending on if you are a diehard Nintendo fan was either God's gift to humanity or something that while a good game, missed the Zelda bar. What is it that could possibly be glossed over yet be so engrossing? It's a song. I have a certain affinity for game music. Perhaps you do too. But, there is one song that simply blows me away found in Zelda: Twilight Princess. Certainly, the Zelda series has had its own memorable songs, but I never found any songs from Twilight Princess memorable, until now.

Midna's Desperation Hour is rather simple. Listening to it makes me wonder if it belongs in a Zelda Game. When I hear it, I want to think it is from one of the monolithic SNES RPGs, most particularly Chrono Trigger. But, it's not. It's in Zelda. And I am captivated by it. Simple strings and piano, but it's moving. If you play through Twilight Princess, you may agree that it does an excellent job describing who exactly Midna is. Such sorrow. Such despair, perfectly described in sound. It truly is a work of art. Want to listen to it? , as found in Brawl. 

You may disagree with my view of the song. That's alright, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The point here however is that at times there are gems in games that simply get glossed over. Have you ever found yourself awestruck by something that you simply missed the first time you experienced it? I know I have, and I bet that you have too.


Posted on Jan 21st 2008 at 08:01:39 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Coast to Coast, CRAZY, Humor

For those of you who are not from the states, Coast to Coast AM is a nationally syndicated talk show hosted by George Noory. They talk about stuff. CRAZY stuff.  UFOs, nanobots, Gnostic Texts, it's all covered on Coast to Coast AM. Certainly, if you enjoy listening to something that isn't meant to be humorous but is, this show is for you. Also, what else are you going to listen to while driving from 12 to 5 am? Bubba Bo and America's Truckin' Network? I certainly think not.

So, somewhere, somehow, Gordon Freeman got the guts to actually say a few words about his dealings with the G-Man with Gordon Noory. Always out of Gordon's Grasp, but always there... watching. Waiting... Brooding... anyways, it's a delightfully interesting conversation between "Gordon" and George, and the best part is that George totally believes everything "Gordon" says! And that, my friends, is why late night radio kicks ass. Check it out, listen for yourself.

Posted on Jan 6th 2008 at 02:10:11 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Feature, THE FORMAT WAR!!!, HD DVD, Blu Ray

So, Format War?
HD DVD is going to totally win
Blu Ray has just put the nail in HD DVD's Coffin
DVD will remain the dominant format for years to come
This war is just a facade for the inevitable transition to Digital Distribution
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Well, it seems as though the format wars are possibly reaching a conclusion, with Sony's Blu Ray format beating out HD DVD. Depending on how you look at it, either this conclusion is vindication for Betamax or something that you wish mirrored Betamax. So, after years of fighting, bickering, and backhanded deals, the future is looking rather bleak for HD DVD. I guess the question then is- was the future ever looking bright for HD DVD? I don't know if I can say yes. It seems as though one of its principal proponents (Microsoft) seems to be rather preoccupied with its own download service. Do they really care about HD DVD? Perhaps we'll find out soon at CES with their rumored Ultimate Xbox announcement. But, I bet that even if the Ultimate 360 has a built-in HD DVD drive Microsoft will still have its agenda entirely on its download service. I wonder if it even matters any more. Let me tell you why.

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Posted on Jan 3rd 2008 at 07:09:55 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Kids, Random, Wee, Wii, HA!

Look at them. Cute kids, huh? Look at the one holding the Wiimote. An angel, I bet he is? Right? Maybe not. Maybe so. But look at the other one, the older brother. He looks angry. Not quite HULK SMASH angry, but pretty peeved. Note the Wii. Such an elegant system. Absolutely no scent of urine... whaaaaat???

Turns out the older brother was being a jerk. That's strange, normally older brothers are nothing but a ray of sunshine. I should know, as I am the oldest of my brothers, and I am nothing but a ray of sunshine. Somehow, that kid must not have gotten the memo about being a good brother. See, his parents got he and his little brother a Wii for Christmas for 250 pounds. Grats to the parents for finding a Wii for their beloved kids for Christmas.  Months searching, according to the article. Really, months to find a Wii? In Britain? I thought you guys were Sony Fanboys. Guess the exorbitant price of the PS3 has converted you from that path. Anyways, the older brother was being a jerk once they finally got the Wii from Santa. Seems he was hogging the Wii. Not letting his brother playing the Wii, apparently. Certainly the little brother didn't like that, and by golly, he had to do something about that. Tell his parents? Nah, that's to mature for his age. What he did was more classic.

And that's were the headline for this article comes into play. Hilarious. Wee on the Wii. Genius. One hell of a way to get back at your brother. Certainly, if my little brother did that to my Wii, he'd be dead. Figuratively, of course. But the truth of the matter is that my Wii is not broken thanks to urine, while that pissed off older brother's Wii is. Ha!

Boy pisses on Wii in Revenge Attack [via Kotaku]

Posted on Dec 20th 2007 at 09:52:17 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Unrelated Thoughts, Sploosh, On to Part 6

What started because Hydrobond complained has now come to a ceremonious end with 5000 replies. Ah... memories. This thread started while we were still using yaBB, back when anything over 2000 posts would make the forum cry. Let's try to think of all the things that have happened on the site during the life time of this hallowed thread.

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Posted on Dec 8th 2007 at 06:36:41 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Random, Hallejulah, Poor Retail Practices, Shop Frys

Few retail establishments invoke such ire as the establishment known as CompUSA. Perhaps you do not have a CompUSA in your area, be happy, be very happy. CompUSA has been a crooked operation since its inception. Overcharging? Sure! Huge markups? Hell Yes! No honoring sales or price match guarantees? Certainly! As you can tell, I do not have anything nice to say about CompUSA, and good riddance I say. Apparently, other people have similar opinions. So, I imagine that there won't be many tears shed in this closing.

So yeah, if you live near a CompUSA, they'll be having a sale soon. Perhaps you'll find a good deal. Chances though are that you won't. I'm not being evil, I just know that CompUSA is a heartless ass of a corporation. For that reason, I officially say get the hell of my lawn to CompUSA. Let some other, profitable, not crooked store enter the market. Sayonara!

via [CNN]

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