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Posted on Jul 6th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
Posted under Restoration, Hidden Gems

When we moved into our house it came as all houses do with various items from the former owner. One of these items was a utility cart for the garage. It had seen some use but the construction was solid and after taking some measurements appeared to be exactly what I needed for my 27" JVC TV and I set about turning it into a retro game cart.

The extra shelf helped but it was still in a bad state.

After lugging it down to the basement I hooked everything up for a test run. It supported the weight of the TV and left enough space to keep cables nice in the back. Now that I had verified everything would work correctly it was time to stop by Lowes. I brought the shelf that came with the cart and had a piece of plywood cut to the same size. I picked up a couple sets of shelf spacers and a can of paint custom made to match the Kallax shelving I use in the Game Room. Now that I had the proper equipment I was ready to begin.

The cart is starting to come together nicely.

I started by drilling several holes so I could move the shelves if needed. I then pushed a spacer into each hole to make sure it would fit correctly. Next, I used a belt sander on the cart and shelves to make sure the paint would be able to adhere and the surface was smooth making sure to lightly wipe away any excess dust using a damp cloth. Once everything was ready I set down a tarp and began to paint. After a couple of coats, the cart was starting to come together. After everything was dry I used the spacers to make sure all the holes were good and then mounted the shelves. I then placed the consoles and TV back on the cart and hooked everything up. The finished cart looks amazing!

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I have a retro cart as well, though mine is a bit smaller (and also made of extremely cheap particle board) to hold my slightly smaller JVC TV.  It's been non-mobile for a while due to a broken castor and pushed off to the side of the basement (due to an ongoing massive purge of crap).  I think it's time to revive this baby and put it to use, starting with the castor wheel replacement.

Do you tend to stick with the consoles in the pic, or do you rotate them?
I've just put together a little cart of my own after picking up an old hospital bedside table from work. It's all metal, has wheels, and a few drawers. I'm using an old computer power center with buttons on the front, and put the 14" PVM on top. So far, it's working out well!

It looks like you have put a bit of work into this one. It's looking good!
@bombatomba: CRT carts are a great idea! The main reason I made mine was to wheel it next to my 20" CRT setup when I wanted to play 2 player Time Crisis 2. I have an RF cart as well with a little 13" woodgrain CRT, 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision. I originally moved the consoles around but have now settled on having a Dreamcast, Jaguar, Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo MVS, PS2, Saturn, Sega CD 2, Sega Genesis 1, TG16, Wii, and OG Xbox connected as they allow for a nice diversity of games.

@Duke.Togo: Nice! Sounds like a great setup and since you're using a PVM you can do TATE as well. It's also great for having a space to store light guns for some Duck Hunt, or Time Crisis 2. Thanks! It took some time but it was worth it.
That's a nice looking cart. I should think about doing something similar. The TV cart I have for my CRT is a pre-made deal, but it's mostly metal, which makes it extremely heavy, and difficult to move around. It also only has 1 fixed shelf in the middle, so it's not all that useful. It more than holds the weight for my 27" CRT, but it's too much cart for what little utility I can get from it. I should really think about something like this to simplify, and to save some room in my setup.
I'm a little late to the party reading this, but it's been inspiring! Your cart turned out really great. I have an old microwave stand I brought from my apartment to my house, and since I don't need it for that purpose anymore it lives in my office now. I've started to put together a retro setup there with the thought of swapping out whatever console I feel like playing, but this is giving me more grand ideas. I may have to up my game and put together a multi console setup like yours. Thanks for sharing!

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