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Posted on Apr 1st 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (bickman2k)
Posted under RF Generation Channel, Google Stadia, xCloud, digital for life, totally real

2019 has certainly been the year of gaming as a service so far. From Apple Arcade to Microsoft xCloud, there are a lot of new things that could change the landscape of gaming and collecting in the future. Well, as we tend to do, RF Generation is wholeheartedly embracing this fully digital future.

RF Generation Channel brings you the best of RF Generation, including the forum, blogs, and even your own collection, streamed straight to you. We have partnered with Google and their Stadia platform to bring this new experience to you in the best possible quality. It's so easy, you won't Twitch when you have to enter new games!

But, we couldn't just leave it at that. We had to make it better! We started with a basic Zilog Z80 processor and made changes to turn it in to a full neural net processor, a learning computer. This allows our new platform to be able to know just how many games in these new platforms you don't really own!

Now, you might be asking, "If you guys have all this time to develop processors and work on super secret projects with Google, how come you can't update the forum software or work on the app?" To that I say, "Watch it, buddy..."

So, come along with us and enjoy the new RF Generation Channel! As you might expect, you can find us on channel 3!

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Exploiting my nightmare for giggles. Very good!
Iíve already tossed all my physical games in the bin! Letís go digital!
I, for one, welcome our new RF Generation digital overlords.
I knew the good old Z80 was versatile, but this is just amazing!  Does this mean my collection will finally be auto-updated with every digital game I purchase (and thus also post on my Twitter account as well)?
@bombatomba: We are going to utilize WUPHF technology to ensure that you and your friends never miss out on a notification that you got a new game!
I'm in. I hope there is a convenient monthly fee and lots of opportunities for loot boxes. It's not worth your time to provide anything other than battle royal and match three games, just sayin. I'm also hoping the time to spin up my particular instance of the gpu doesn't take longer than 5 minutes, I'm sure you have that all figured out though. Do I just put my credit card info here in the comments?
You finally sold out... it's about time you took my advice. What the hell took you so long?

Now let's start talking about banner ads, and an expanded line of RF Gen merch at Cafe Press.
@Zagnorch: The "Put It On Channel 3" classic thong, clearly needs to come in more color offerings: https://www.cafepress.com/rfgeneration.783679596

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