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Posted on Mar 6th 2010 at 06:35:33 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under RFG Thanks, Submissions, Thanks, Site News, February, 2010

February was not our best month, but even without a huge number of submissions, its still progress and progress is always a good thing. While we did not see our lowest submission numbers last month, it was below the mean number of monthly submissions. So I would like to thank those of you that made some submissions in a slow month to keep us going. Even being below the average, we still managed to crank out over 2,000 submission; 2,094 to be exact. 536 of those were images, 298 were game title additions, and 974 were page edits.

The top ten submitters were Paully3433, Izret101, ga5ket, Madir, Doug Plummer, ApolloBoy, Shadow Kisuragi, Malingo, Spoon and Seno. Out of those ten, nine had over 100 submissions each. Thanks guys, you are the truly dedicated members that keep us going!

The top three staff members approving all those submission with over 100 approvals each were Izret101, ApolloBoy, and NES_Rules.

So, February wasn't a spectacular month for submissions, that means only one thing. We need to make March even better, so get out your games, find them in the database and see what information you can add. If you've got a scanner, that's even better because you can add images if they're missing and your game will be forever immortalized on the pages of RFGeneration.

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Much thanks to everyone who submit Smiley
2k might be lower than average but like Mike said every little bit counts.

As for having your games immortalized. It is pretty cool to check out a gamepage and see parts of your collection online. Especially the stuff you don't own anymore Cry
@Izret101: I remember the first time I submitted an image how neat is was to say to myself "that manual on that page is my manual". Even now, when I come across a page that has one of my images, its still fun to see them there for everyone else to see.
I am gunning for another 100 submissions this month Smiley
Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and start submitting scans soon.
Congrats, guys!

(I should try and buy me a scanner this year)
Cool top ten, only just thought
Huh...amazing what happens when I start going through my collection. I should update some of my original items that I added without scanning the database. I'm only 1/2 through my collection, but I get the feeling the rest will be documented a lot more.

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