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Posted on Apr 20th 2010 at 07:02:22 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under RFG Thanks, Submissions, Thanks, Site News, March, 2010

What's that? You say its April 20th? OK, it is a little late for the RFG Thanks for March, I guess the zombie brain eating earlier this month left me a little forgetful. But late is still better than never, right?

March was another great month for RFG and its members. There were 2,352 total submissions;1,037 page edits; 358 image submissions; and 525 title additions. Many of you helped us to gather all these wonderful bits of information. But five of you stood out of the crowd and made over 100 submissions alone. Those members were Paully3433, Izret101, Link41, ApolloBoy, and Madir. Rounding out the top ten submitters were ga5ket, Duke.Togo, NES_Rules, Shadow Kisuragi, and Pop Culture Portal.
But as always, many of those submissions wouldn't go anywhere without our team of reviewers. In March, with well over 100 approvals, the top reviewers were Izret101 and ApolloBoy.

Now let's see if we can April even better! We're getting very close to 55,000 scans and 30,000 screenshots in the database. Maybe we can do it in April, if you've got a scanner and/or a way to capture screenshots; get to it and make some submissions. You will be helping out RFGeneration, its members and the countless others that use us as a resource for their collecting needs. Plus, its always neat to have your name and/or a picture of one of your games forever immortalized on the Internet!

Finally, I'd like to announce the promotions of Izret101 and Paully3433! Because of their continued contributions, they have been promoted to DB Editor and DB Reviewer, respectively.

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Congrats, Izret101 and Paully3433 !!!
I plan on scanning my ass off this month!!!
@Sirgin: Thanks Sirgin! Let's make April better than March!
I scanned my booty off in March. Guess I'll have to dig deep to find more things to scan. Congrats Izret101 and Paully3433!
Congrats, dudes.  I want to scan, but my in utero bachelor's degree says no.
Big props to both of you guys!  How much of a raise did you get Wink
I haven't even gotten to the point yet where I can toss in scans - I'm still tossing in updated information for my collection. One of these days, when I'm not working 60+ hours a week, I'll finally finish up and join in the scans with you guys Smiley
Late to the party but...

Thanks for all the submissions guys!
Everyones work is greatly appreciated Smiley

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