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Posted on Apr 4th 2013 at 11:29:03 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under RFGen Thanks, April Fools, Collectorcast, Donate, Community

Apparently none of you guys took advantage of spring break this year and decided to instead stick around rfgen submitting to the database. We had quite an impressive month in March with 9 different members making 100+ submissions for the month. Itís especially nice to see some members from the PAL region working hard on filling in those gaps. So letís give a special thanks to the top 5 submitters of this month: Bildstar, Fragems, The Razemeister, Apolloboy and Sirgin!!

And donít forget about the amazing approval staff we have. Shadow Kisuragi and Paully3433 were prolific this month and took on the brunt of those submissions approving well over 600 of them each.

Just as importantly though, we want to thank all of you for having a good sense of humor. It seems that many of you guys forgot, or were just unaware, of how important April Fools is to us here at rfgeneration. This yearís April Fools Blog suckered in quite a few of our members  Luckily the staff here are as honest as they are humorous and disabled the donate button for the day so that nobody was duped into donating under false pretences. 

Itís great to know that so many of the members here are willing to pony up for our services, but rest assured that wonít be the case. Rfgeneration has always been a community driven site. It was founded with the idea that site can be, and so far always has been, supported by its members. Every year you guys have stepped up and donated enough to keep the site both free and ad free. So even though you donít have to worry about being forced to pay to access our database we are always accepting donations to cover our server and other costs. That donation button at the top of the page should be functioning properly again now Wink

With all that said there was a kernel of truth in the April Fool Blog. The Collectorcast has been successful and because of the size of the episodes we are quickly running out of space on our podomatic account. The cost to upgrade to the next storage level is quite sizable. To help out Duke, Bil and myself with this financial strain the benevolent staff here have offered to host some of our older episodes through the site so that we can lower our storage on podomatic. A landing page for the collectorcast is also in the works.

So in summary, thanks to everyone for supporting the site with your time, generosity, knowledge and support (except for Zagnorch of course Wink )!!

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Zagnorch was suspiciously absent on April Fools Day. Donate link's fixed now as well. Tongue 
Definitely fell it for it, you guys played this one well.
@Shadow Kisuragi:

I'm hoping the... incident... that happened this year won't occur again. I put in a much more secure password.

Besides, I was having trouble memorizing the previous one: 12345.
@Fokakis79: You weren't the only one...we had a ton of people jump in the IRC channel to ask, and we received quite a few PMs from other people as well. I had to play it off though at that point until the rest of the people jumped on and got caught, otherwise it wouldn't be fair.

We even got a couple staff members with it, since the theme of the April Fools joke is only known to Directors and select others. Grin
@Zag, That's amazing, I have the same combination on my luggage!
Bil beat me to the joke. May the Schwartz be with you!
Honestly think Aprils fool joke just brought back the memerory of the one the year prior.  Android nation. I was honestly pissed last year when I fell for that one.  This one did not have me for a second but it was believable.
It's fun to get the first-year people. Smiley
The staff member being fooled would be me. I completely fell for it. And I've been here how long? Hmmm...

Totally fell for it.  All i thought was oh well, i already donated so im good.
@wildbil52:  Mine has always been 666666
Let us know if the Podomatic acct needs some funding, although I'm sure that YooToobee and idiotTunes would most likely be getting the most traffic.

Aw, son of a--

now I gotta change it again.

Thanks a LOT, ya big jerkface.  Angry
@Techie413: iTunes and all the other MP3 sources come from Podomatic.

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