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Posted on Oct 28th 2011 at 06:17:45 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under GameCenter CX, Game Center CX, Retro Game Master, Season 1

Since we're nearing the end of Season 1, and we've got a holiday weekend (of sorts), I thought I'd provide everyone with the rest of the episodes for Season 1, and start off November with the beginning of Season 2, where full episodes begin!

S1E8: Door Door
Arino takes on Chunsoft's challenge for this episode. Door Door is a Famicom-exclusive Puzzle/Platforming game in which the User traps aliens behind doors to clear a level.

RFGeneration Entry:

Arino's Challenge: Trap six aliens at once, forming the "mystical six-alien trap" to earn a bonus.

Challenge Video:

S1E9: Three Challenges
This episode, Arino is tasked with clearing challenges for 3 titles: Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Gradius, and Hyper Olympic (Track & Field outside JPN). This episode features an extended length challenge, so dig in an enjoy.

RFGeneration Entries:

Arino's Challenges:
Yie Ar Kung-Fu: Obtain the special bonus on the bonus stage.
Gradius: Unlock 3 secret features - Get 5000 points by touching the volcano in Stage 1, Get a 1-UP by touching the diamond rock in Stage 1, and Warp 2 levels by destroying the Big Core while it glows blue in Stage 2.
Hyper Olympic: Beat the game records for all 4 sports.

Challenge Video:

S1E10: Super Mario Brothers
In this episode, Arino challenges Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Famicom DiscSystem (Lost Levels outside JPN). In preparation for the challenge, he takes on the original Super Mario Bros. How will he fare against the extremely challenge of Super Mario Bros. 2? Do you, the viewers, feel that Nintendo's decision to port Doki Doki Panic with Mario sprites and name it Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of giving consumers the actual Super Mari Bros. 2 due to the extreme challenge was warranted after seeing this challenge?

RFGeneration Entries:

Arino's Challenge: Clear Super Mario Bros. 2.

Challenge Video:

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