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Posted on Nov 26th 2011 at 08:32:18 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under Site Downtime, Site Issues

Sorry for the site downtime last night. I was editing the database directly and looking for a Variation Tie-in that I wanted to delete. Instead of deleting the one particular tie-in though, I ended up deleting every Variation Tie-In! When I tried to fix it, the server freaked out and died.

Fortunately, Dave (TraderJake) and Eddie (St0rmTK421) were able to properly restore the Variation Tie-Ins from an old backup and bring the site back online. Unfortunately, the data backup for this was from February, which means that we've lost a total of ~4500 tie-ins.

I'm going to talk with Dave and Eddie on how we can prevent this from happening in the future. In the meantime, I'll work on updating all of the tie-ins in the database over the next month while in my own little corner of shame...

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone.

- Shadow

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Why I oughtta...

Ah well Shadow, we all screw up. Stuff happens.
That would be funny if it werent so darn sad
That funny part is that I first contacted Tynstar and told him I deleted all the variations. He was happy up until the part where I told him the server died as a result.
Sheesh... you guys try to add that type-of-release feature to the database, and all hell breaks loose.

Kinda makes me wonder if you shouldn't just leave well enough alone... ;p
Hmmm, I don't really remember much of database classes anymore. I guess a simple rollback was out of the question?

Whatever the case, there should probably be more than 1 backup every 10 months or so...or there should be a warning system in place that says "Hey! You there! You're trying to remove more than 100 entries in the DB at once! Are you sure about that?"
...Ouch.  Oh well.  Guess I need to go back through the 64 database again.  Smiley
It warned me, but it warns about any destructive action, so you learn to ignore those warnings. I just missed the command it was running. If I had done it by hand, this wouldn't have happened...therefore, I'm doing everything by hand now.

As for a backup, Eddie's looking into it.

It's just Variation Tie-Ins that you need to concern yourself with in that case. N64 only really had regional Variation Tie-Ins and Best Seller Tie-Ins, and there weren't that many titles, so it would likely only take a couple hours to fix.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Don't worry too much about it. As you say they're only Variation Tie-Ins and not actual variants/games. And you can just re-do the work, I guess. Doing everything by hand seems like a good idea.

Making a big mistake is always the best lesson to never make the same mistake again, so I'm this won't happen to you again. Tongue

Perhaps there should be a better warning system though, because who knows another staff member might have the same thing happen to them?
Still not as bad as me driving over the count them, not one, but two stall dividers on Halloween...
@diedraneous - Very true lead foot
Oh god, I'm sorry. :[ That kind of shit can be heartbreaking.

Don't worry. We can rebuild it. Stronger, better, faster...etc. etc.

Yeah, the warnings fading into the background are an issue. At my friend's workplace, posters with important messages are changed and moved periodically to prevent just that. Turns out that people pay attention to the posters...so long as they change. Otherwise, they become part of the background scenery.

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