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Posted on Jul 18th 2014 at 05:34:33 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
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We'll have something proper up later to properly introduce the large number of people visiting and signing up. Thanks everyone, and thanks for the plug MetalJesus AND Kotaku!

However, I just wanted to quickly put up a note here on the front page. We have a limit of 500 emails/hour sent from our server, which includes PMs, notifications, and registration emails in particular. If your registration email is not sent immediately, it may be waiting on the email cap to be reset. Sorry for the inconvenience, but our host has this value capped to prevent spam and it's not something we can raise any higher at this time. Feel free to jump into our Introduction thread after signing up, which can be found here:

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...and with that being said, we were just down for a period of time because we had too many people connected to the site at once. We're too popular too quickly! We're working to get our configuration updated to allow for more connections, so please bear with us.
is this my fault?
@dsheinem: No one's fault - we just weren't prepared for the reaction! Last time we were covered by Kotaku, we had a large number of visitors but only a few registrations. Between the coverage on the two, we're literally seeing more registrations than our system can handle right now and the frantic activity is straining our Apache server, which is using default settings.

We have a staff member that's going to tweak these settings, and if he's not able to do it or is unavailable, we have our host support that should be able to help. We upgraded our server not too recently, so we're more than able to handle this. Wink  Keep it coming, and we'll make the necessary changes to support whatever's thrown at us!

These are great problems to have. Wink
Hey all, quick update. I was in contact with support as they had to help me enable the access to begin with. They pointed me in the right direction, but I'm not quite home to my computer with my passwords on it. I'll be there shortly to make the necessary changes.
Sorry for those not aware, but dsheinem was the author of the Kotaku article that recently mentioned us! Here's the article, for those that missed it. Thanks again!

He's a well-known community writer who has written for many sites, including ours! If you haven't read his series of articles about console launches (and the eventual sunsetting of them) here on RFGeneration, I would strongly suggest giving them a read:

Just as a heads up, I'm new here, signed up earlier today. You were recently mention on one of MetalJesusRocks videos over on his YouTube channel. That's how I found out about you and that's why I'm here! ^_^
@AnotherUKGamer: Glad to have you here! Hope you stay awhile (and listen...) *ahem* Sorry, went back to Tristram for a second...
@AnotherUKGamer: Indeed! We greatly appreciated the plug, and take to heart the comment that we're the most content focused! Welcome to the site!

We've pushed out the server configuration updates to help alleviate some of the bottlenecks for connections, including raising our email limit. Let us know if you see any problems with site performance or your email communication lagging. Thanks again for the support, everyone, and welcome to RFGeneration!
OH! For those of you on Mobile, we have an Android application for the collection tools themselves:

Feel free to take your collection on the road with you!
Also, we may need a little extra patience for folks who want to check out the site later on. We are expecting a maintenance window from our web host in around 5 hours and is expected to last 6 hours. Horrible time for it to happen, but it's one of those necessary evils.

If you are one of those folks who are getting on overnight (US time), please bear with us as there could be some network issues during the maintenance window.
Guess it's time for the RFG OGs to get all hipsterish, now...

"I was a regular on RF Generation before it was the most popular gaming website ever! I was puttin' in at least three posts a day, 'cuz that's just how I roll 'round here. Word to Raze and da Nupes, yo! Fa rill!"

"Oh, you think the CollectorCast is pretty awesome, huh? Well, they gave me a shout-out in the very first episode! Whattaya think of that, huh? Freakin' N00B..."

"WHAT?! You don't understand why Silent Service is considered the greatest game ever 'round these parts? Jesus H., what the hell is wrong with you? You know what, why don'cha GTFO before I flag you for a banhammering, you lowlife sack of--"

ANYway, welcome to RF Generation, newcomers. Boy, am I gonna have some fun with you...

- 'Late
What makes this site one of a kind is you Zagnorch. You are whats missing from our competition websites. And we thank you for that...
@Zagnorch: "I had a podcast BEFORE the cool one..." Oh, I made myself sad...
@bickman2k: I LOLed
8 Collectors away from hitting 4000. That will mess with the percentages in the collection tools and the ratings. Ha ha. I look forward to getting some more input and activity on the site. Smiley
@Razor Knuckles: Yeah, well, don't expect to see me around here all that much after I get my official Tribute to Skylanders, Optimus Prime, Nerf-Guns, Calculators, Airplane Crash Shows, WinPaint, and 7-11 web site up and running. I'm even gonna give you your own page on the site. I'm gonna call it Silver Banana in Your Mouth. It'll be just for you. No one else will have access to that section. no one else will be able to use it. NO ONE ELSE.

@bickman2k: Man, those were the days.
@Zagnorch: I know it may feel to you like we're under attack, but I'm sure you will still get your chance to post your love of Nerf and TIs.  And I'm with you on the Skylanders database.  Let's get started on adding the figures.
@bickman2k: "The cool ONE" ..... Hey buddy, what are your trying to say? Talkin' about actually playing through games ain't hip. Why I oughta......................... Wink

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