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Posted on Jun 8th 2007 at 01:00:00 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Site Design, Blog, Announcement

I suppose I don't need an image in this post for you to figure out that something is different. Three months ago, a decision was made to begin the process of redesigning the site. This site would be cleaned up greatly and it would also be using Cascading Style Sheets, something that the previous site sorely needed. Today, June 8, is an important date. Three years ago today RF Generation went live, and today, June 8, 2007, we launch our new site design. Clearly, this may take some time for you to get used to if you really, really enjoyed the old design, but we feel that the new design is cleaner, more professional, and more structured than the old site. It also has some new features that the old site just didn't have. Let's look into those:

First, we have a new front page script. It's really complex, and I guess you could call it a blog. As with most blogs registered members of this site are able to comment to any posts made to the blog, via a comment box on the article's page. Additionally, if you would like to be able to keep track of news or any other topic on the blog you are able to subscribe to that tag and get a lovely RSS feed of that. This new front page design is the reason why we promoted Tan to Front Page Editor, and I know that he'll do a damn good job with the front page. Of course, a good front page editor needs a few good writers, so if you are interested in writing for the blog please let Tan or I know. We are grateful for Tan's willingness to shape the blog, and with his knowledge and leadership I am certain that the blog will flourish.

Secondly, we have some new sections. At the top, there is an about section, where you can find out about the site or its staff, and you can also get some cool promotional images. I should mention that if you are a registered member and you also have a collection you should probably check out the "Promote" page. We also have a home for our weekly features, which can be found in the "Features" section (big surprise there). Lastly, we have the tools section, which for right now are the collection tools. It is rather likely that some day way down the road there will be more tools on this site, stay tuned for that.

I'd like to make the point that during this redesign there has been no removal in functionality of the site, save for System Checklists, which will hopefully make its triumphant return in the not too distant future. Aside from checklists, you should be able to find everything still somewhere on the site.

This project would not have been possible without assistance from many other people, and I'd like to thank Eddie Herrmann (St0rmTK421), Dennis Gruchala (den68), Keith Brown (Tan), Ken Wozetek (Mezmoron), and Scott Williams (Tynstar) for their assistance in addition to the members who unknowingly helped test the commenting system.  If I missed thanking you please know that while I missed mentioning your name I am ever grateful for your assistance.

As always stay tuned to RF Generation, there will always be more to follow when you keep it tuned to channel 3.

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The new design looks great!!  Keep up the great work guys.
i like the new layout, thanks to everyone for making rfgeneration the best videogame website on the net.
I actually got out of bed at 1:30am just to see this unveiled, well worth the wait. Smiley Great job guys it looks awesome!!
Congratulations on the new design!
Looks great!  I just got off my summer job at the bottling plant, and I give it two Mountain Dews out of two.
Great new design. Thanks for everyone's hard work. I like the extra features as well. Now only if I could find out the code to make the image banners work. lol.
site looks awesome gents! nice work as always.
Amazing work Dave!
The game pages are awesome... Wink
It's nice.... although odd how the search bar is on the right, but then in the forums and other places it jumps over to the left.
This little irregularity is a bit of a nuisance. At first I figured it was not finished yet. But now I guess it was simply overlooked.

Is it possible to fix this issue, as aside from that it's cool.

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