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Posted on Sep 11th 2007 at 02:57:59 AM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Features, Mario, Sports

Ahh yeah baby feels good to be back in style with features that aren't crapily thrown together. This time, they are actually somewhat decent and will keep me from losing my position as a features writer. So all you people out there who hate me and my sarcasm and jackass attitude, hi.

Moving on, it's Mario sports week! Ahh yeah baby. Perhaps the most fun sports games of all are the Mario sports games, so why not celebrate in style by throwing a fiesta! Go round up some illegal immigrants and have them party with you! Have them play some Mario Tennis with you or maybe even make a Mario pinata and break it with them! Ahh yeah this is going to be one hell of a week if you do that.

Ehh hem, moving on seriously, I hate getting down to the business and doing what I'm actually supposed to be doing, the featured game is Mario Hoops 3 on 3. I like it, in fact I liked it enough to include decimals in the damn score. Any collaboration with Square Enix and Nintendo is good in my book, except like some crappy game where Peach gets captured and you play as Cloud Strife to stop whoever the final boss is in any Dragon Quest game with Cloud bitching the entire freaking game. That would probably suck. Anyway, the featured image is Mario Golf for the N64. I love that game. If you don't, you aren't American, and if you aren't American, then hi. Next the featured hardware is the wii remote, or the wiimote. Anyway it puts an interesting spin on Mario Soccer. Finally the featured collection is  Magewout's because he won the 'Shimra randomly selects a user to be featured' contest. Congrats bud, congrats.

As always keep it tuned to Channel 3.

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WOW!!! That is a freaking huge image!!! I'll fix it though.
Actually, I have no idea how to fix that. Uhmm, at least it's somewhat funny at first glance.
Uh... ye old image looks good to me. I fixed your bad link for featured hardware and featured image.
I feel honoured Tongue

I figure I should add some pics of my consoles, but they're spread all over my house heh.

Anyway, I'm getting an other room soon, and will buy a new set of closets etc., mainly to have more room for games Smiley
Awesome. The more pics the better.

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