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Posted on Jun 12th 2008 at 08:06:00 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Images, Submissions, Damn

You guys rock. Because of the submissions of many people, RF Generation can proudly say that we have over 60000 images on our site. That's just games and hardware images, too. I bet we have quite a few collection photos, as well. This is an amazing accomplishment, and further cements RF Generation's place as THE classic and modern gaming databases. From just a few images to 60000, let's keep growing our image database. After all, there are almost 30000 games that need either a box front, box back, manual, or game scan. How cool would it be if we could get an image for every game? Perhaps some day we shall.

There are so many people to thank for their image submitters. Submitters of old like SpeedyNES and blissfulnoise. Current submitters like Rajaat the Warbringer and NES_Rules. Staff Members like Tan, Fuyukaze, and Funk Buddy. Old Staff Members such as Pop_Culture_Portal. So many other people I haven't mentioned - THANK YOU! Today wouldn't be an awesome day if it was not for all your amazing work!

60000 images... Here's looking for 70000... 100000! Together, we'll hit more momentous occasions in the not too distant future!

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Wow, I didnt even notice it.  Amazing how things tend to sneek up on you.  Wasnt that long ago we were bragging about having 30K, then 35K, then 40K and now it's 60K images?  I look forward to the day when the only thing left to submit is new games.  Will be interesting when and if that time ever comes.
Glad to be of service, in my own, small, way Smiley
Also I've noticed we sometimes have images and game info on day 1 of release for many new titles. GTA 4 (PS3) was that way. I have (EUROPE) Civilization Revolution (PS3) front/back/disk and manual images already scanned in and ready to upload once the title gets approved. Smiley
I wish I could submit more, but I'm just out of stuff to scan. I know sometimes I base my purchases on if I think the scans are missing, just so I can add a few more. When I first started scanning, nearly everything I had needed a scan, now it's down to about 1 in 10 things I buy will need a scan, which is definitely an awesome thing.

BTW, how many systems are close to having all the scans needed? I know the US NES and Xbox are nearly complete if not completely complete.
That's an amazing amount of photos. It makes me want to start adding more scans of my own stuff.
Why wait when there's a contest going on?  Come, join the submiting club and learn to submit.

That came out realy bad.......
I'm in the same boat as NES_Rules, I'm all out of stuff to scan and probably won't have a new game until StarCraft II comes out.
RF Generation has definitely made a name for itself, high on Google search results, and that really makes it this way is the how quickly and easily it expands both with information and images thanks to all those involved.

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