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Posted on Nov 8th 2013 at 11:43:22 AM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under Site News, RFG Thanks, Submissions, Stats, Numbers

Hello again to the latest edition of RFG Thanks! It looks like the September RFG Thanks disappeared somewhere, as I know that singlebanana had it up for review at some point, so I apologize if anyone was missed for September.

Before we get to the stats, I wanted to pause for a moment. At this time in the year, many nations in the world have holidays honoring thanks, and I'd like to take a moment to personally thank our staff for their hard work throughout the year. It's also a good moment to point out that we need to update our Staff page. Wink

Bildtstar & Sirgin: Thanks for all of your hard work on the PlayStation and GameCube databases, as well as helping to sort out our European submissions and adding a hefty amount of French and Dutch titles. You guys help keep the engine greased for the European side of our database, for which I'm thankful.

blcklblskt/Madir/Paully3433/OatBob/Tynstar/Izret101: Thanks for all of your help in contributing all year and keeping your respective consoles up to date and in order. For the reviewers, a BIG thanks for keeping the review queue low for most of the year. HUGE shoutout to Izret101 for covering for me while I was unexpectedly forced out, and Tynstar for his ENORMOUS contribution to the site this year with images covering the majority of 3 major US consoles.

raffa1985: Thanks for keeping the database up to date with the latest releases.

aeroc: You know why you're awesome. Keep it up. Wink

ApolloBoy: Thanks for the effort throughout the site, and for a lot of the more obscure consoles and games.

bickman2k: Thanks for keeping the site up and running!

NES_Rules: The glue that holds our site together (and pays our bills). Hope you have better luck with the truck at some point.

Blogging/Podcast/Community Staff: Thanks for everything you guys do to keep our community entertained and informed. The site would be quite boring without guys. Grin

If I've missed anyone else, I apologize, but your contributions have been a great help to the site this year, and every year.

Now for the stats...

Top 5 Total Submissions (Non-Staff):
thegreatska (369)
ericeskapade (144)
Raidou (75)
douglie007 (49)
BJoin79 (44)

Top 3 Total Submissions (Staff)
Shadow Kisuragi (490)
Bildtstar (478)
Tynstar (328)

Top 3 Total Approvals
Shadow Kisuragi (393)
Tynstar (228)
Paully3433 (209)

Other numbers:
Submissions for October 2013 (2778)
Total Image Submissions for 2013 (18865)
Total Game Additions for 2013 (4319)
Total Game Variations for 2013 (4785)
Total Hardware Additions for 2013 (308)
Total Hardware Variations for 2013 (248)
Total Submissions for 2013 (37688)

Let's see if we can push that number past 40,000 in November! Thanks again for all of your submissions and participation on the site, and keep it on Channel 3!

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Fantastic job, everyone! It amazes me at what an industrious group of people we have here.
Congrats, guys!
Nice work all! Keep 'em coming.

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